ACT Why are some Animal Communicators unable to determine if my Pet is going to Return or Reincarnate?

From page 102 of Ms Atwater's Book:

A person who reads “energy” whether it’s a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, intuitive or animal/ interspecies communicator can only “tune into”  or telepathetically connect with a person’s or animal’s vibrational frequency that they are capable of “receiving.”
     Each communicator or intuitive has a specific vibrational bandwidth range from which they are able to receive and gather information.  If your reader is unable to tune in to 100 AM i.e. Fido’s station, then they do not get the same information as another communicator who CAN tune into your pet’s frequency.
     No reading is less or more important than another.  It’s the same with humans.  Some readers are great, because they “get” your full station and give you a wonderful reading. Others can’t provide a detailed reading because they can’t completely tune into your station’s frequency -like only picking up only a little bit of a radio station.

Brent Atwater