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How to contact my deceased pet
 How to Sense my Deceased Pet


From Ms Atwater’s book
"Animal Reincarnation, Animal Life After Death Everything You Always Wanted to Know!”

Is your heart struggling being optimistic after pet animal loss? Have you questioned if after animal loss, pet reincarnation can be real? Learning the answers your to questions about pet pat lives and pet animal reincarnation and animal communication between you and your deceased pet provides invaluable information.

After you have learned techniques that teach you how to communicate with your pet, you can ask your pet if, how, when, where, and in what timeframe your pet will arrive, and how to recognize them!

However, before they begin the transition back from the Rainbow Bridge and before saying “I’m Home!” there are ways to touch your deceased pets' energy on the other side of the veils!

Many grieving pet owners often feel their pet around them, on the bed or sense them playing with other household pets. That’s a sign your pet is contacting you to let you know they are OK.

Once you learn how to have you pet respond to your prayer to be present in earth energy you’ll sense them much more strongly. Then it’s time to “feel” their energy. (FYI- This is one of the techniques that Paranormal Investigators use to sense ghosts, or Intuitive Crime Investigators use to locate missing people.)

1. Rub your hands together until they are warm in order to activate the nerve endings in your palms and fingertips so you can sense energy to the “max.”

2. Then spread your fingers apart with about -at least- a half inch of space between each finger like a wide toothed comb.

3. Softly as if you are trying to touch the dust on butterfly wings, sweep your hands horizontally back and forth within about a 4 foot wide path about 4 feet high rectangular area in the vicinity you are sense your pet is located.

You scan for your pet’s energy by taking your hand palm open fingers like a comb and carefully and very slowly sweeping back and forth left to right or vice versa and top to bottom through the space you sense they may be in.

Keep working in rectangular quadrants until you feel and sense a thicker, denser, usually cooler mass within the target area. That’s them! You can feel the edges of their form, even all their “feetsies” or feathers! If you get REALLY good, you can feel their whiskers.

“Getting sensitive to a different feel of air” is how you will learn. Don’t get frustrated, in time it works.

The softer, more consistent your movements are and the slower (i.e. don’t rush this) you approach any energy field, the greater the sensory input you will receive.

Your transitioned animal’s energy field will feel thicker than normal air, tingly or cold. Your heart will KNOW it’s them! Be patient and practice, practice, practice! This will allow tangible recognition to occur more rapidly. This may take some time; your reward is worth it!

Soon you can have your pet put his paw in your hand on command. You can even feel your animal kiss you! Or bump into you with that ball you should be throwing.

This enriching tool will enable you to communicate with your beloved animal companion on the other side, and expand your current awareness and create a greater understanding of energy, God's Universe and the amazing spiritual connection you share with your pets.

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