Pet Reincarnation Prayers for Pet Loss and Animal Life after Death by Brent Atwater

Affirmation to open the possibility of pet reincarnation.
"I celebrate your Love and set my Grief free, so You can choose to come back to me."

How to Assist Your Pet in the Reincarnation Process
This prayer is similar to supporting your pet in making their transition more smoothly.  However, in order to create another outcome, your intent is different.
I ask and it is my intent to send ____ (the deceased pet’s name) from the love in my heart, my life force energy to use as you so choose.  So be it, it is done. Thank you.

The love in your heart transcends all realms. IF you and your pet have made another agreement for this incarnation, using this prayer will provide the extra energy boost to help them realign for reentry. It will also assist their transition back to earth more easily
The key is to state these exact words:
“to use as you so choose.”  Then your pet will determine the perfect timing for their healthy return ONLY IF they are scheduled to do so.
NO amount of wanting, hope or wishful thinking, affirmations or prayers will bring a pet back, no matter how much you think it’s is going to be, UNLESS you already have a contract in place.

Prayer to ask for Reincarnation Confirmation Signs
I ask and it is my intent to know if ______
is going to return to be with me in this lifetime.
Please give me 3 signs within the next three days that I can easily understand that will allow me to know in my heart if my beloved pet is coming back to me in this lifetime.  Thank you.

Brent Atwater