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The “Walk in” contract 
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 "walk in" Energy

Reincarnation can occur 3 Ways.
Those processes are:
  "Walk-ins" Soul Braiding and a new body.

A "walk- in" occurs when the deceased pet’s energy
     MOVES INTO ANOTHER pet’s body
     that is ALREADY on earth
     whose soul has AGREED TO RELOCATE
     WHEN the departed pet’s energy RETURNs.

Can the new puppy or a mature animal that was born BEFORE my pet died, be my reincarnated animal?
YES! At times your pet’s new body will arrive on earth before your pet’s old body passes away. 
     A “walk-in” is a pre-arranged soul agreement (made in Heaven) between your original pet’s spirit and the “delivery soul.”   
After your pet’s soul departs his old physical body, he “walks (i.e. transfers his life force energy) into” the “new body” that was created and delivered to await his return. The delivery pet having completed what he wanted to accomplish on earth is ready to go back across the veils. So we have a perfectly good body ready to be occupied by the pet that passed.
     As your pet enters his new vehicle, the “delivery soul” (like an auto company’s driver delivering a new car) then returns to Heaven (the manufacturer), having completed his “delivery” job of bringing a new body onto earth.
     Sometimes the delivery body can arrive years or days in advance. That’s how an older pet or a newborn puppy can become your “new” reincarnate. 
     The “walk-in” transition process can occur immediately in a newborn, overnight or over a few months’ time.  It is all determined by the animals’ spiritual arrangement.
     Usually the “walk in” contract takes several weeks to complete.  It’s like refurbishing a car.  The life force electromagnetics of the deceased pet has to be rewired into the new body. The delivery pet’s “wiring” has to be removed so he can go back to Heaven.
     This type of exchange oftentimes occurs during a prolonged illness or other timeframes that would necessitate the pet’s body to rest and sleep a lot which allows the Universe to accomplish the rewiring.  As each day passes you will recognize your old pet’s characteristics appearing more and more until the process is finished.  It’s a win win situation for both souls!
     The best example of this “walk in” process is about Rinna now Darby and Austin’s now Carbon’s story in “I’m Home!” a Dog’s Never Ending Love Story.
     FYI, human “walk-ins” have many websites that can further define and explain this process.
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