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What is a Pet Loss Ambassador of Hope™?

What is a Pet Loss Ambassador of Hope™ ?

Through happy times and times of despair your pet companion, service or therapy animal is there for you! Companion animals are unconditional love machines looking into your eyes understanding everything you are innately communicating and asking for nothing but love, compassionate treatment and some really good treats in return!

Losing your pet is a soul touching and heartbreak experience beyond compare. It’s understandable and psychologically sound to address and support a person’s emotional distress after pet loss with trained animal bereavement counselors and through professional allopathic healthcare standards and procedures. However it is unhealthy to totally embrace a “mending” attitude that relies only on pet death grief as the sole focus while discouraging or not presenting any alternative viewpoints for a patient to consider during the course of their treatment.

The prevailing pet loss grief support atmosphere is about “emotionally working through your pain”, perpetual memorials, or ongoing sharing of endless recounting of the devastating details during your pet’s death and reading about or recanting in your local or online group(s) the venting of everyone else’s sadness. Additionally, today’s emotional approach to animal loss appears to understand moping rather than promoting hoping. It’s more about “recovery” rather than empowering discovery! Animal bereavement counselors seem to center on dealing with pet death strife rather than suggesting the possibility of reincarnation’s RE-life! They focus on overcoming grief with techniques to “get you through.”

Pet Loss Ambassadors of Hope™ offer uplifting educational materials for you to consider and revitalizing personal experiences that invite, encourage and support an individual to question their current perspectives and consider wider beliefs that have been honored by the world’s largest and major religions since before 3000 BC. It’s interesting that “modern medicine” is just now accepting Acupuncture as a “new” pain control method. Acupuncture has been around over 6000 years. Perhaps naysayers of reincarnation might want to reconsider.

Pet Loss Ambassadors come is a variety forms. The pet guardian who has experienced the joy of animal reincarnation and is living with their reincarnated pet is the highest level! This person has lived through all of the stages of their pet’s transition over the Rainbows Bridge, the “am I crazy?” self questioning, the incessant searching for reconnection and then reuniting with their soul pet in perfect timing under Universal “coincidences.” Along their path to expanded awareness and higher consciousness, they have learned about personal heartbreak at the highest emotional level through the death of a loved one. They have waded through the pressure of unknowing individuals criticizing what their heart and soul believed to be true- that animal death is not the end of love, it’s the time for a pet to exchange an unhealthy or worn our body for a new one in order to continue on their soul’s journey with their pet guardian.

The key ingredient to being a Pet Loss Ambassador of Hope™ is a positive approach that views transition over the Rainbow Bridge as the beginning of Re-life and reuniting with your forever fur baby and soul pet. It fosters a belief that animal reincarnation could be or is real and an ongoing part of the everlasting human animal bond spiritual agreement whether in multiple times in a single incarnation or multiple times in various incarnations.

A Pet Loss Ambassador of Hope™ is not a designation bestowed only to an individual. Any company, manufacturer, institution, Trust, 501(c) organization, educational or healthcare facility, book store, well being or spiritual center, local veterinarian, homeless rescue shelter or pet sitting service and many more can choose to address pet death with a positive spin that ignites hope! It’s an understanding or knowing that animal reincarnation is a revitalizing truth! and a dog’s, cat’s or any pet’s NEVER ending love story!

Brent Atwater
Global Pet Loss Bridge to Hope!™ Initiative
Turning pet loss heartbreak into joy!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Pet Loss Grief: Is Death of a Pet all there is? NO! Talk with an Animal Hope Counselor™?

What is an Animal Hope Counselor™?

Over 15,000 American family pets (dog and cats) die each day. This number does not include those in animal rescue havens, homeless pet shelters, feral animals or strays. This figure does not take into account other types of animal companions, or household pets that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and transitioned in other countries.

Pet loss grief is a real emotional concern in today’s society. Most people consider their pet animals family members. Anti aging and health research validates that intimate pet companions, therapy animals or just plain loved pets contribute to an individual’s length of life, quality of life and various other emotional, health and physical additives.

To address this ongoing and rising family and personal bereavement issue, many pet loss grief support books are being published. This new wave of empathy for a devastated animal lover’s loss has created a new industry of pet loss sympathy gifts, cards, memorials and accessories. All strive to express condolences, validate and minimize personal pain after animal loss.

The children’s book industry has identified pet loss as a market to enable parents to address and promote a healthy attitude and belief structure surrounding the time when children grieve the death of a family pet. The greeting card industry has established a pet loss category, and memorializing your pets with various decorative accessories or personal apparel is becoming commonplace.

Since pet loss is a recurrent part of the human life cycle, the need has never been greater to address the positive side of pet loss for emotional and physical well being. Grief grief counselors, animal bereavement services, companion animal grief counselors all deal with grieving the loss of a pet.

Even the American Veterinary Medical Association has some guidelines and ways to deal with loss. Online, there are many sites dedicated to the Rainbow Bridge, Pet loss and even the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, Inc., “the only Internet site with professionally trained volunteers in pet bereavement counseling.” There are myriad pet loss links and resource networks.

Current pet loss counseling practices and the “coping with pet loss” process focuses on grief and death memorials. Animal Hope Counselors™ focus on positive spiritual perspectives that ignite hope. The concept of permanent pet loss, a forever angel animal, never returning from the Rainbow Bridge or not seeing your pet again is a limited awareness when dealing with the death of a pet.

Animal Hope Counselors™ center their attention on a larger consciousness that includes Re-life through animal reincarnation; a belief embraced by some of the world’s oldest and largest religions and has been around since the Egyptian era.

Animal Hope Counselors™ bring together an awareness of death that illuminates the integral human animal bond of spiritual agreements, ongoing animal communication and pets soul contracts that concentrate on joyous reunions, not just death. As this positive perspective about pet transition permeates our society, Animal Hope Counselors™ will help eliminate the existing personal pet loss devastation response seen in today’s stressful environment, and replace this death/grief reaction with a broader more positive spiritual approach to well being.

Brent Atwater
Global Pet Loss Bridge to Hope!™ Initiative
Turning pet loss heartbreak into joy!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Global Pet Loss Bridge to Hope™ Initiative Begins! states Founder Brent Atwater

April 4, 2011 –Atlanta, Ga. – Brent Atwater launches the Global Pet Loss Bridge to Hope™ Initiative - “Turning Pet Loss Heart Break into Joy!” to expand awareness for those suffering from the devastating death of a pet. Ms. Atwater’s decades of animal reincarnation research and her weekly Q & A radio shows illuminated the extraordinary need for perspectives beyond current pet loss grief support viewpoints. Ms Atwater states, “Research has proven that pets are an intimate part of most families and a beneficial healthy addition to people’s lives. Pet Loss is an ongoing part of the human life cycle. The need has never been greater to address the positive side of pet loss for well being. We need to heighten consciousness re: animal reincarnation. In order to facilitate a shift in awareness surrounding the death of a pet, Pet Loss Ambassadors of Hope™ and Animal Hope Counselors™ are professionally trained individuals that help uplift emotional suffering during pet bereavement and ignite hope.”

Ms. Atwater is the foremost authority on animal reincarnation. Brent’s passion is to ignite hope for those whose heart is broken. The spiritual perspective of “re-life after death” stops the perpetuation of the grief concept that “my pet is gone forever.”
For more information contact or

After law school and her fiancĂ©’s death Brent refocused her career. Known as a “Human MRI,” Brent Atwater is internationally sought after for her extraordinary ability to see inside a body to diagnose current and future health issues.

Ms Atwater’s medical intuitive diagnosis is documented with respected and published case studies. At age 5, Brent’s intuitive gifts were discovered by Duke University’s Dr. J.B. Rhine during his initial studies for ESP. Her ability to read energy also allows her to determine if and when a pet will return and what they will look like.

Ms. Atwater has authored 10 Just Plain Love® Books, including “I’m Home” a Never Ending Love Story, a trilogy of true animal reincarnation stories. Each book has a section devoting multiple chapters to answering questions about pet reincarnation and is translated into French and late 2011 into Spanish and German.

Brent will be signing “Animal Reincarnation: Everything You Always Wanted to Know!” at 2011 INATS-W in Denver, CO.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Loss of a Pet l Is your Pet Loss Support a Positive or Negative Experience? l Pet Loss TV l Brent Atwater

Loss of a Pet  Is your Pet Loss Support a Positive or Negative Experience? 

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Support groups for pet connections through angel animals, animal spirits, pet networks, animal afterlife and Rainbow Bridge residents come in all sizes and flavors; in person, in healthcare facilities, in church, in homeless pet shelters, animal rescue groups, other organizations and online. They are promoted to provide substantive and positive emotional and spiritual support. Does your pet loss group meet the criteria for a positive or negative experience?

A positive proactive support group is one that encourages learning. This group promotes going forward and helps facilitate expanded awareness and your empowerment. They are a blessing in your life!

The positive group leader is not intimidated by your unanswerable questions, but inspired to become more educated. This moderator encourages you to ask questions that require more research in order to challenge each group member to think beyond the present pet loss “was” circumstances and into a larger mindset of “is it possible my pet could reincarnate?”

This open minded attitude discourages group members from maintaining a “my pet is forever gone” victim mentality.

A positive animal bereavement group is aware of the psychological reasons you might be using your negative reaction for “sympathy attention.” They understand this is a confusing and complicated time in your life. However, an animal grief counselor will try to reconstruct a new awareness through uplifting approaches to addressing your life without your cherished animal companion. The moderator’s job is to facilitate your moving through this time of emotional pain and loneliness, not enable self pity.

From your introductory "pet loss story" to your weekly “how are you doing” tale of woe, the negative pet loss support group meets only to celebrate the identity you created from the devastating death of your pet. This is a "victim" group, bonding with others and commiserating in perpetual negative energy at the highest level of disguise.

No matter how much you think this group is helping you cope with the death of a pet, they are not. They exist to talk about and share negative experiences creating a "stuck" atmosphere. It's bonding by ongoing "downers." You do not receive points for being a victim of your pet loss. You are in fact, contributing to your own demise.

It should be a great concern to participate in a group that does nothing but recount what “was” and all the continual unhappiness permeating the lives of its pet loss participants. Inevitably this will negatively impact participant's minds and spirits. Your pet’s death details and painful suffering do not need to be addressed over and over, again and again.

Since you’ve already lived your pet loss “story,” why would anyone keep activating that grief and negative energy? This is a common scenario in online Internet groups. Research substantiates that recounting your horror story and reading the countless painful venting of others does not facilitate positive mental responses.

Acceptance is one thing, denial another. Being “the victim” of your pet’s death drains your energy. Experiencing pet loss and addressing it with the "pity poor me" approach is futile. It may elicit help for a while, but the key here is "for a while." Give up the pity party. Look for a new pet loss grief perspective to restore your heart and inspire hope.

As long as you are recounting what “was,” you are living in the past. I know folks who are still telling the same story about “Fluffy’s” death with every tiny detail embellished to the fullest just to keep the conversation vibrant with the drama of what was.

To this type of person, actually moving forward after their bereavement “oh no,” that pet guardian would need to have a life and do something other than talk about themselves and their loss.

This type of individual just moves from person to person, support group to support group until that cluster of listeners isn’t asking enough questions, or providing the “poor you, you have been through so much with the death of your pet” comments.

I know a woman who after years of pet loss bereavement counseling and therapy and ten years in every pet loss grief support group, animal bereavement condolence community and pet loss sympathy chat room she could find, started her own pet support group because no one wanted to hear her repetitive stories.

Do you have any of the tendencies mentioned above? Do you like the attention your sorrow facilitates? If so, then you need to determine “why” you require this form of negative attention. This inner void will erode your soul and eventually your health.

Do not use the fact that you lost your pet as an identification marker or to give your online life significance.

By creating your identity as the suffering victim of your pet’s death, YOU are the only one who will lose friends, and the respect and patience of those who encourage and support your healing.

Many animal support group members want attention. They use their pet’s absolute worst illness and death suffering occurrences as a banner to set them apart. It is imperative that these individuals muster the courage to break from their neediness of relying on their pet loss to give meaning to their life in “the” group. This is not productive. If a person keeps wallowing in this downtrodden existence, they can rest assured that less and less people and friends will ask “how you’re feeling?”

You CAN tell your pet loss story as a "learning opportunity" to help educate and heal others in your group, rather than as a commiseration Band-aid. If your group is not continually supporting your positive emotional, spiritual growth, leave.

A negative support group ultimately does more harm than good. Although grieving takes time, uplifting attitudes are essential. Living with your pet’s “death memory” can drain your energy day-to-day and breath-by-breath.

I understand since my fiancĂ© was killed in a sudden auto crash. I never had the chance to say anything or have a “heads-up.”

It's better to celebrate your fur baby’s life and remember all the good times. Then you keep pet’s positive contribution to your life alive.

By celebrating your pet’s life, you never have to bury their memories. You can take them out of your heart’s memory box at any time, like a special gift and savor all the wonderful thoughts and feelings.

So analyze your pet loss support group’s dynamics to determine if you are growing or JUST rehashing to the max, the pet loss that you already experienced.

Ask yourself:

1. Does your group embrace having an open mind and greater consciousness and awareness?

2. Are you taking knowledge gained from your group as a positive educational experience?

Unless you choose to grow forward, you will remain in the same condition that brought you into the group in
the first place.

3. Have you’ve stayed too long in the grief stage?

4. Do feel any better today than yesterday?

Last but not least!

Have you ever considered that your pet does NOT have to live forever as an Angel Animal, or resident of the Rainbows Bridge in animal spirit or afterlife?

Have you ever researched or considered Animal life after death?

Brent Atwater
the Animal Medium
Animal Communication that Heals your Heart!

Monday, April 4, 2011

AMIDI animal readings-Following Animal Energy after Pet Loss over the Rainbow Bridge into RE-life through Reincarnation

AMIDI animal readings-
Following Animal Energy after Pet Loss over the Rainbow Bridge into RE-life through Animal Reincarnation

Pet loss does not have to be devastating and permanently agonizing. Pet animal reincarnation provides a new spiritual and factual perspective for pet loss grief support. As a new resource for pet loss grief support, reincarnation focuses on the prospect of RE-life that inspires hope!

Every living being has a specific vibrational frequency. Every organ in the body has an individual frequency. In a healthy condition the human body resonates between 68 to 72 MHz. Animal’s have a lower frequency range. Both types of beings can be “sensed” by an intuitive that has the ability and training to read multiple band width frequencies within physical bodies. Most intuitive practitioners specialize in humans or animals because of their familiarity with that specific species energy field.

Tracking, following or charting your animal’s energy field from his current physical state whether healthy or deceased is the process that allows a reader to determine if an animal’s energy blueprint can be found in the future. This is the determining factor in knowing if your pet will reincarnate.

First a practitioner must locate an animal’s current energy field, whether on earth or on the other side.

If the pet is alive and preparing for transition, tapping into their energy field is relatively easy. Always be sure to ask the pet’s soul for permission to access and read their energy field.

If the animal is deceased, it is still best to ask to interface with the living energy that is now without a physical form, in order to maintain the integrity of a clean assessment. Once the reader has obtained permission, they should proceed to following the animal’s energy track.

Many pet psychics and mediums rely on intuitive insight and the animal communication exchange rather than following an animal’s energy into the future. Other animal and interspecies communicators also rely on their sensory information to provide details of reincarnation.

The most reliable form of knowledge is provided by actually watching an animals’ life force energy field morph from their current physical form up to and through their physical body’s transition and into the future, a process used by all AMIDI professionals. If the animal’s energy tracks into a future physical form then reincarnation will occur within the timeframe viewed by the AMIDI practitioner. Even if a living soul enters their reincarnation through the actual birth process, the AMIDI animal reading can also identify and discern their energy field within its future Mother’s womb and follow that spirit into its earth form.

If future energy is not discernable within the timeline the reader is using, most likely that the animal is not going to reincarnate. Setting the timeline you want to examine is imperative to receive correct information. Once the new reincarnated body is identified, it is easy for the AMIDI animal reading to describe what that new physical being looks like and lots of the specific identifying characteristics of its new body.

The principle of animal reincarnation has been a belief system since ancient Egyptian, Hindu and Buddhist philosophies in 3000 BC. The “new” Pet Loss grief support perspective and the AMIDI animal readings that track and document pet reincarnation have come a long way.

Brent Atwater
Pioneer and Founder AMIDI
Animal Intuitive Diagnosis
Pet Reincarnation Authority

Friday, April 1, 2011

Animal Intuitive Diagnosis, How to see INSIDE an animal's Body--- BEYOND Medical Intuition! Book Signing Brent Atwater INATS-W 2011

How to see INSIDE a Body--- BEYOND Medical Intuition!

Meet Author & “MIDI” Founder, Brent Atwater, The HUMAN MRI! At 2011 INATS –W

April 30th, 2011 --Denver, CO – Author Brent Atwater will be signing her books at 2011 INATS-W.

Meet Ms Atwater and review Medical Intuition, Intuitive Diagnosis & MIDI-Medical Intuitive Diagnostic Imaging™- How to See Inside a Body to Diagnose Current and Future Diseases (distributed by New Leaf) at the International New Age Trade Show – West (INATS West) on Sunday, June 26th, 2011, 2-3 pm in the Buyer’s Lounge.

Brent Atwater is a “Human MRI.” She is internationally sought after for her extraordinary ability to see inside a body & diagnose current and future health issues with amazing accuracy. Ms Atwater’s medical intuitive diagnosis is documented with respected and published case studies. Brent’s intuitive gifts were discovered when she was 5 by Duke University’s Dr. J.B. Rhine during his initial studies for ESP.

Her new release Medical Intuition, Intuitive Diagnosis & MIDI-Medical Intuitive Diagnostic Imaging™- How to See Inside a Body to Diagnose Current and Future Diseases is part of Ms. Atwater’s leading edge work that establishes evidence based research that bridges traditional medicine and alternative therapies into holistic integrative energy medicine.

Brent diagnoses rare diseases and disorders, unsolved symptoms and resolves health issues, wrong diagnoses, and misdiagnosis. Her medical intuitive work facilitates healing for people all over the globe. She also teaches MIDI, the field of medical intuitive diagnostic imaging™ to educators, veterinarians, holistic integrative medicine practitioners, students and other healthcare professionals.

In 1987 Brent founded the Just Plain Love® Charitable Trust to benefit children’s and other worthwhile causes and later Just Plain Love® Books. As an author she has released 10 books with more to follow.

Visit us at 2011 INATS-W, we’ll look forward to “seeing you” there.

Brent Atwater
Pet Reincarnation Expert
Animal Medical Intuitive,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Animal Soul l Animal Soul Contracts l Pet Past Lives l Animal Afterlife l Is this part of the Reincarnation process after Pet Loss?

Animal Soul Contracts

Most pet guardians consider their pet’s family members. After the death of a pet, many pet owners undergo all of the human bereavement processes. Animal life after death and reincarnation is a new spiritual perspective and resource for pet loss grief support.

Are animals’ and pets’ soul contracts are real. Yes! The first type of animal soul contract is called “Karmic.” A karmic contract affects destiny within a single incarnation. A Karmic contract is limited to that particular lifetime and can still be segment of a larger soul commitment for multiple reincarnations within an owners life. Here are a few examples:

1. A bomb squad dog that dies discovering a mine field to save his platoon.

2. A therapy dog that inspires an assisted living home’s Alzheimer’s patient to speak for
the first time in many years.

These are experiences that affect their human companion’s destiny. The animal’s Karma (or soul’s choice) facilitated the outcome of the interaction with that human.

The number of agreements made between a pet’s soul and their person determine the quantity of pets’ past lives an animal will share with their companion in a single life or throughout multiple lifetimes.

Below are several types of pet spiritual arrangements that an animal can configure in his reincarnation process:

Oversouling: Is when the late pet contracts to direct a new or former pet from a “higher” perspective.

Walk in contract: Is when the deceased pet’s energy moves into another pet’s body that has agreed to relocate when the departed pet’s energy reincarnates.

Soul braiding: Is a shared contract when the deceased pet returns as a roommate within a current pet’s body.

New body contract: The pet’s energy that passed returns in a new physical form.

Animal afterlife is the timeframe when a pet’s life force energy resides in a sacred place after they have transitioned over the Rainbow Bridge. A pet’s soul can be “in-service” or live in this dimension forever or they can choose to reincarnate.

Therefore after the death of a pet and during your pet loss grief, hold faith in your heart that your pet’s life force energy and love is never ending. The reincarnation process has been embraced by many of the world’s oldest religions. Even if you’re a skeptic, what have you got to lose by considering the possibility?

If it’s what you contracted to do, it might just be only a matter of time until your beloved animal companion returns to be with you!

Brent  Atwater
the Animal Medium
Animal Communication that Heals Hearts!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pet Animal Reincarnation Research! American Media Sun Times Article by Gina Barlowe on Brent Atwater's Pet loss grief support Books

See Pet Animal Reincarnation American Media's Gina Barlowe's article

"Your Pet Will Live Again"

on the research that Brent Atwater has done for the past decades
resulting in 4 pet animal reinarantion books that address,
animals soul contracts, pets soul contracts, animal afterlife, pets past lives, pet loss grief support, animal behavior, pet psychology animal spirits all in the light of pet reincarnation.


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Brent Atwater
Pet Reincarnation Expert
Animal Medical Intuitive,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pet Loss Grief Support: The New Perspective on Animal Loss and Grief by Brent Atwater

Pet Loss Grief Support: The New Perspective on Animal Loss and Grief

Did you know that approximately 63% of all homes in the USA have a pet? Some surveys indicate that there are 75 million dogs and 85 million cats! That’s a lot of just plain love!

Sooner or later those owners are going to have to cope with the imminent death of their favorite pet or cherished animal companion.

After a precious “fur baby” has provided unconditional love for many years and grown to be a part of the family, it’s no wonder that owners grieve during the pet loss process.

Animals contribute so much more to our lives than companionship. Pets seem to understand our souls and are our other “children.”

Owning a pet has many scientifically documented health benefits in addition to the fact that they teach, inspire and exemplify so many other positive traits.

Then the day arrives when “it’s time,” or tragedy unexpectedly strikes! You come to understand that pet loss grief is real and devastating. Your heart struggles with trying to be optimistic after pet loss. You question yourself, did I do enough? Was I there for my pet like he was for me? Why now? Your mind seeks answers while you heart is distraught, hurting and just plain empty! You’re having fur withdrawal!

So you read every pet loss grief support book, every Rainbow Bridge, animal spirit, angel animals book, and all the other inspirational animal books you can find. Then you think about animal communication, pet psychics, animal intuitives, and your mind begins to seek new avenues of awareness, through your love of the pet you lost. You question way down deep inside yourself if an animal can “come back” and if animal reincarnation is real. Could pets and animals have past lives? And the answer is yes!

Learning about pet past lives and pet animal reincarnation helps you understand why your pet changes bodies. Your reincarnation education guides you through the grief journey by teaching you how to understand the pet transition, death and rebirth process.

No longer will your heart ache when your friends and family say, "Get over it, it's just a pet!"or “You’re crazy thinking you can communicate with a dead pet!” Animal communication with a living and deceased pet is real. Multiple scientific studies confirm interspecies communication.

Even though the belief in reincarnation dates back to the Egyptian and Hindu religions and is embraced in the Yogic view, it is just beginning to be accepted into mainstream consciousness.

There are many wonderful resources with true case studies and stories about pet animal reincarnation. Once you have learned about pet and animal reincarnation, your new perspective of the grief process after pet loss will provide support, comfort and inspire hope and soulful insight rather than perpetual tears!

Brent Atwater
Pet Reincarnation Expert
Pet Medical Intuitive,

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Sense My Deceased Pet’s Energy l How to contact my deceased pet l Brent Atwater Animal Medium program YouTube

How to contact my deceased pet
 How to Sense my Deceased Pet


From Ms Atwater’s book
"Animal Reincarnation, Animal Life After Death Everything You Always Wanted to Know!”

Is your heart struggling being optimistic after pet animal loss? Have you questioned if after animal loss, pet reincarnation can be real? Learning the answers your to questions about pet pat lives and pet animal reincarnation and animal communication between you and your deceased pet provides invaluable information.

After you have learned techniques that teach you how to communicate with your pet, you can ask your pet if, how, when, where, and in what timeframe your pet will arrive, and how to recognize them!

However, before they begin the transition back from the Rainbow Bridge and before saying “I’m Home!” there are ways to touch your deceased pets' energy on the other side of the veils!

Many grieving pet owners often feel their pet around them, on the bed or sense them playing with other household pets. That’s a sign your pet is contacting you to let you know they are OK.

Once you learn how to have you pet respond to your prayer to be present in earth energy you’ll sense them much more strongly. Then it’s time to “feel” their energy. (FYI- This is one of the techniques that Paranormal Investigators use to sense ghosts, or Intuitive Crime Investigators use to locate missing people.)

1. Rub your hands together until they are warm in order to activate the nerve endings in your palms and fingertips so you can sense energy to the “max.”

2. Then spread your fingers apart with about -at least- a half inch of space between each finger like a wide toothed comb.

3. Softly as if you are trying to touch the dust on butterfly wings, sweep your hands horizontally back and forth within about a 4 foot wide path about 4 feet high rectangular area in the vicinity you are sense your pet is located.

You scan for your pet’s energy by taking your hand palm open fingers like a comb and carefully and very slowly sweeping back and forth left to right or vice versa and top to bottom through the space you sense they may be in.

Keep working in rectangular quadrants until you feel and sense a thicker, denser, usually cooler mass within the target area. That’s them! You can feel the edges of their form, even all their “feetsies” or feathers! If you get REALLY good, you can feel their whiskers.

“Getting sensitive to a different feel of air” is how you will learn. Don’t get frustrated, in time it works.

The softer, more consistent your movements are and the slower (i.e. don’t rush this) you approach any energy field, the greater the sensory input you will receive.

Your transitioned animal’s energy field will feel thicker than normal air, tingly or cold. Your heart will KNOW it’s them! Be patient and practice, practice, practice! This will allow tangible recognition to occur more rapidly. This may take some time; your reward is worth it!

Soon you can have your pet put his paw in your hand on command. You can even feel your animal kiss you! Or bump into you with that ball you should be throwing.

This enriching tool will enable you to communicate with your beloved animal companion on the other side, and expand your current awareness and create a greater understanding of energy, God's Universe and the amazing spiritual connection you share with your pets.

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Brent Atwater

The Animal Medium™ Animal Communication that Helps heal hearts
Authority on Animal Life after Death and Reincarnation