What is a Pet Loss Ambassador of Hope™?

What is a Pet Loss Ambassador of Hope™ ?

Through happy times and times of despair your pet companion, service or therapy animal is there for you! Companion animals are unconditional love machines looking into your eyes understanding everything you are innately communicating and asking for nothing but love, compassionate treatment and some really good treats in return!

Losing your pet is a soul touching and heartbreak experience beyond compare. It’s understandable and psychologically sound to address and support a person’s emotional distress after pet loss with trained animal bereavement counselors and through professional allopathic healthcare standards and procedures. However it is unhealthy to totally embrace a “mending” attitude that relies only on pet death grief as the sole focus while discouraging or not presenting any alternative viewpoints for a patient to consider during the course of their treatment.

The prevailing pet loss grief support atmosphere is about “emotionally working through your pain”, perpetual memorials, or ongoing sharing of endless recounting of the devastating details during your pet’s death and reading about or recanting in your local or online group(s) the venting of everyone else’s sadness. Additionally, today’s emotional approach to animal loss appears to understand moping rather than promoting hoping. It’s more about “recovery” rather than empowering discovery! Animal bereavement counselors seem to center on dealing with pet death strife rather than suggesting the possibility of reincarnation’s RE-life! They focus on overcoming grief with techniques to “get you through.”

Pet Loss Ambassadors of Hope™ offer uplifting educational materials for you to consider and revitalizing personal experiences that invite, encourage and support an individual to question their current perspectives and consider wider beliefs that have been honored by the world’s largest and major religions since before 3000 BC. It’s interesting that “modern medicine” is just now accepting Acupuncture as a “new” pain control method. Acupuncture has been around over 6000 years. Perhaps naysayers of reincarnation might want to reconsider.

Pet Loss Ambassadors come is a variety forms. The pet guardian who has experienced the joy of animal reincarnation and is living with their reincarnated pet is the highest level! This person has lived through all of the stages of their pet’s transition over the Rainbows Bridge, the “am I crazy?” self questioning, the incessant searching for reconnection and then reuniting with their soul pet in perfect timing under Universal “coincidences.” Along their path to expanded awareness and higher consciousness, they have learned about personal heartbreak at the highest emotional level through the death of a loved one. They have waded through the pressure of unknowing individuals criticizing what their heart and soul believed to be true- that animal death is not the end of love, it’s the time for a pet to exchange an unhealthy or worn our body for a new one in order to continue on their soul’s journey with their pet guardian.

The key ingredient to being a Pet Loss Ambassador of Hope™ is a positive approach that views transition over the Rainbow Bridge as the beginning of Re-life and reuniting with your forever fur baby and soul pet. It fosters a belief that animal reincarnation could be or is real and an ongoing part of the everlasting human animal bond spiritual agreement whether in multiple times in a single incarnation or multiple times in various incarnations.

A Pet Loss Ambassador of Hope™ is not a designation bestowed only to an individual. Any company, manufacturer, institution, Trust, 501(c) organization, educational or healthcare facility, book store, well being or spiritual center, local veterinarian, homeless rescue shelter or pet sitting service and many more can choose to address pet death with a positive spin that ignites hope! It’s an understanding or knowing that animal reincarnation is a revitalizing truth! and a dog’s, cat’s or any pet’s NEVER ending love story!

Brent Atwater
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