Pet Loss Grief: Is Death of a Pet all there is? NO! Talk with an Animal Hope Counselor™?

What is an Animal Hope Counselor™?

Over 15,000 American family pets (dog and cats) die each day. This number does not include those in animal rescue havens, homeless pet shelters, feral animals or strays. This figure does not take into account other types of animal companions, or household pets that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and transitioned in other countries.

Pet loss grief is a real emotional concern in today’s society. Most people consider their pet animals family members. Anti aging and health research validates that intimate pet companions, therapy animals or just plain loved pets contribute to an individual’s length of life, quality of life and various other emotional, health and physical additives.

To address this ongoing and rising family and personal bereavement issue, many pet loss grief support books are being published. This new wave of empathy for a devastated animal lover’s loss has created a new industry of pet loss sympathy gifts, cards, memorials and accessories. All strive to express condolences, validate and minimize personal pain after animal loss.

The children’s book industry has identified pet loss as a market to enable parents to address and promote a healthy attitude and belief structure surrounding the time when children grieve the death of a family pet. The greeting card industry has established a pet loss category, and memorializing your pets with various decorative accessories or personal apparel is becoming commonplace.

Since pet loss is a recurrent part of the human life cycle, the need has never been greater to address the positive side of pet loss for emotional and physical well being. Grief grief counselors, animal bereavement services, companion animal grief counselors all deal with grieving the loss of a pet.

Even the American Veterinary Medical Association has some guidelines and ways to deal with loss. Online, there are many sites dedicated to the Rainbow Bridge, Pet loss and even the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, Inc., “the only Internet site with professionally trained volunteers in pet bereavement counseling.” There are myriad pet loss links and resource networks.

Current pet loss counseling practices and the “coping with pet loss” process focuses on grief and death memorials. Animal Hope Counselors™ focus on positive spiritual perspectives that ignite hope. The concept of permanent pet loss, a forever angel animal, never returning from the Rainbow Bridge or not seeing your pet again is a limited awareness when dealing with the death of a pet.

Animal Hope Counselors™ center their attention on a larger consciousness that includes Re-life through animal reincarnation; a belief embraced by some of the world’s oldest and largest religions and has been around since the Egyptian era.

Animal Hope Counselors™ bring together an awareness of death that illuminates the integral human animal bond of spiritual agreements, ongoing animal communication and pets soul contracts that concentrate on joyous reunions, not just death. As this positive perspective about pet transition permeates our society, Animal Hope Counselors™ will help eliminate the existing personal pet loss devastation response seen in today’s stressful environment, and replace this death/grief reaction with a broader more positive spiritual approach to well being.

Brent Atwater
Global Pet Loss Bridge to Hope!™ Initiative
Turning pet loss heartbreak into joy!