Global Pet Loss Bridge to Hope™ Initiative Begins! states Founder Brent Atwater

April 4, 2011 –Atlanta, Ga. – Brent Atwater launches the Global Pet Loss Bridge to Hope™ Initiative - “Turning Pet Loss Heart Break into Joy!” to expand awareness for those suffering from the devastating death of a pet. Ms. Atwater’s decades of animal reincarnation research and her weekly Q & A radio shows illuminated the extraordinary need for perspectives beyond current pet loss grief support viewpoints. Ms Atwater states, “Research has proven that pets are an intimate part of most families and a beneficial healthy addition to people’s lives. Pet Loss is an ongoing part of the human life cycle. The need has never been greater to address the positive side of pet loss for well being. We need to heighten consciousness re: animal reincarnation. In order to facilitate a shift in awareness surrounding the death of a pet, Pet Loss Ambassadors of Hope™ and Animal Hope Counselors™ are professionally trained individuals that help uplift emotional suffering during pet bereavement and ignite hope.”

Ms. Atwater is the foremost authority on animal reincarnation. Brent’s passion is to ignite hope for those whose heart is broken. The spiritual perspective of “re-life after death” stops the perpetuation of the grief concept that “my pet is gone forever.”
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After law school and her fiancé’s death Brent refocused her career. Known as a “Human MRI,” Brent Atwater is internationally sought after for her extraordinary ability to see inside a body to diagnose current and future health issues.

Ms Atwater’s medical intuitive diagnosis is documented with respected and published case studies. At age 5, Brent’s intuitive gifts were discovered by Duke University’s Dr. J.B. Rhine during his initial studies for ESP. Her ability to read energy also allows her to determine if and when a pet will return and what they will look like.

Ms. Atwater has authored 10 Just Plain Love® Books, including “I’m Home” a Never Ending Love Story, a trilogy of true animal reincarnation stories. Each book has a section devoting multiple chapters to answering questions about pet reincarnation and is translated into French and late 2011 into Spanish and German.

Brent will be signing “Animal Reincarnation: Everything You Always Wanted to Know!” at 2011 INATS-W in Denver, CO.