My Pet Cat's Reincarnation a Christmas Miracle! Faith's Return from Afterlife and Death

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This little girl is the newest addition to our family. She is only 3 months old & was given to us as a Christmas gift today. I believe Faith sent her..not for me, but for my friend, @[1244777710:2048:Breann], who has been dealing with health issues & anxiety just recently. When she picked her up, she stopped shaking & immediately started to purr. The ironic part is the fact that she very closely matches the description Brent gave of what Faith will look like when she returns..even a small black marking on her head. We decided to name her Hope. :)

This little girl is the newest addition to our family. She is only 3 months old & was given to us as a Christmas gift today. I believe Faith sent her... not for me, but for my friend, Breann, who has been dealing with health issues & anxiety just recently. When she picked her up, she stopped shaking & immediately started to purr. The ironic part is the fact that she very closely matches the description Brent gave of what Faith will look like when she returns...even a small black marking on her head. We decided to name her Hope.
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She even has blue eyes similar to Faith's.
Lisa Nuzzi's photo.

Lisa Nuzzi O my Gosh, Diane... I absolutely thought it was her... but because I LOVE animals so much & the fact that I am so anxious for Faith's return, I began to doubt my feelings. About a week ago, I made a list of 5 things Faith used to do, and if my next kitten did these things, I would absolutely know beyond a shadow of a doubt it was her. Faith loved to be lint rolled../ if I showed her it was in my hand, she would come running! Well, I bought a mini one that was kitten sized (: & kept it on my night stand next to her picture. Yesterday, Hope was playing in the wine racks of the sofa table, & I looked at her and shook it. She came running out & let me lint roll her. There are 4 other things on my list that I want to look for now. But I'm sitting here wondering if Faith has showed her to do certain these things.
Also, Brent said she would have yellow/green cat eyes this time... and I hope she doesn't get mad at me for saying this, but after I was told this, I asked to Faith to please return with Blue eyes..šŸ™ˆ
I have been so depressed anxiously waiting for the spring to get here hoping 2014 would be the spring Faith returned. I kept praying and praying. I asked God to please let Faith return on Christmas, if that is what she wanted & was able to return in healthy. I asked for a Christmas miracle..& then there Hope was Christmas Day.
Everyone says you KNOW when it is your baby... but I am extremely confused about the whole situation..

  • Brandy Wine So happy for your new addition. Both kitties are so beautiful. Why would you have doubts as to it being Faith? If you asked for her to return with Blue eyes and in time for Christmas, what makes you think she didn't do as you asked?? She wants to please you and make you happy. If her other markings are as Brent said they would be. Maybe Faith was able to come back with Blue eyes. Just give Hope time to prove herself to you. She isn't going to portray everything right off the start. As far as Faith teaching Hope things??? Maybe she is over souling Faith until she returns to you?? Just another possibility. I wonder what Brent has to say about all this?? Can't wait to hear her response. And I wish you all the best & for a wonderful holiday.

    Lisa Nuzzi Brent said that the black spot on her head would look like a comma and her tell would crook to the rightšŸ˜®
    Do you see what I'm seeing? I will definitely keep you updated... she does not act like the Faith that crossed but like she did as a kitten when I first met mind is blown..

    Lisa Nuzzi One more thing...Hope was born on September 30, which was 5 days after my reading with Brent..
    I did call her response ~ but Brent said she wanted a softer name like Hope. Lol

  • Julie Cho I definitely see a comma on the top of her head and a tail that hooks to the right! Please tell us how long Faith has been gone and when did Brent say she'd return. I think we're all on pins and needles to find out if this is Faith coming home. Please keep sending the updates!
  • Lisa Nuzzi Faith crossed over July 12 of this year. Originally, Faith showed Brent she was going to show up out of nowhere one day in the spring of 2014 or 2015..she described the trail we walk with such accuracy. Brent kept asking Faith when, but she was teasing her... when she'd ask, "Will it be 6 months?", Faith answered with a smile saying, "Maybe... Maybe not".
    Brent has made it clear that for any reason at any given time, the timing could change.
    Like I said earlier, I prayed for so long for her to come back sooner yet healthy and only if it was her own free will... and also for blue eyes like she had before. I never prayed for this part, but I mentioned to my friend, Breann, that I wished she would come back pure white except for the comma because that would be cute.
    As it became closer to Christmas, I prayed for a miracle... and now here is this precious kitten. I think my prayers may have put a twist to her return. All I know for sure at this point is that I love heršŸ’ž
  • Lisa Nuzzi For those of you who do not know what Faith looked like, this is her (:

    Lisa Nuzzi's photo.
    Julie Cho Faith was cute as a button! I truly wish Hope turns out to be a Christmas Miracle and she reveals more of Faith's traits every day. Did your friend who gifted you with Hope know about Brent's predictions?
  • Julie Cho I just noticed the script at the bottom of Faith's picture. She's been with you 3 previous times in this lifetime? If yes, were the 3 previous lives as cats? Always female? I'm sorry about all the questions and please ignore me if I'm being too intrusive.
    Lisa Nuzzi Thank you, Julie! (:
    It was actually my friend's Mom who brought the cat. Breann's younger sisters came running thru the door and up the hallway giggling. One of them was holding a Christmas bag, & another said, "Let Lisa open it!" and Hope poked her head out of the bag.
    Her Mom knew that I was depressed about Faith..and here's the story:
    Breann's Mom's next door neighbor had a stray cat come up to their house pregnant. This lady has no pets and no intention of having any in the future. But she felt sorry for her and took her in until she could find homes for her and the kittens. There were only 2 that survived. Hope was one of them..The lady tried to get Breann's Mom to take one or both of them. She told her no, but suddenly she had an idea ...and that's how it all began.

    And in her past lives she was female..a kitten named White Sox or Sox for short when I was 10(1985), a bunny named Lauren in 1998 & then Faith in April 2000.
    The funny thing about Lauren is I THOUGHT HE was a girl..but oops. Lol! I renamed him Ralph Lauren

    Claire Olsen Sounds very promising to me ! Brent"s description matches Hope ,as for doing the same thing she will do a few things to let you know it's her ,but they do come back with their own personality ,my bird was male returned as a girl ,she is a lot like he was before but also different ,for example she doesn't talk like he use to maybe when she gets a bit older she will I don't know ,but anyway I hope you work out if she's Faith but it all points to it ,Good Luck
  • Lisa Nuzzi Brandy, Tee Bird & I are tied:) Faith & Baxter
    That is very interesting, Claire! I'm so happy you shared that with me!
    And yes, her eyes..I loved that the most about Faith..the last thing I saw when her soul left and the first thing I see when I look at Hope.

  • Lisa Nuzzi Diane, I am so thankful you are so knowledgable & full of wisdom from experiencing this yourself. It means so much & your advise is so encouraging and helpful!
    Here is a picture of Hope earlier today..

    Julie Cho Lisa, I might pause a bit if you had told me your friends, knowing Brent's predictions, scoured websites, breeders, pet stores, and shelters looking for Hope, but it really does seem she appeared out of nowhere. It's like the angels hand delivered her to you.

    I have a friend, Sasha, who doesn't believe in reincarnation. As a young boy in Croatia, he lost his beloved little dog Rena suddenly and tragically. He never got over her. He moved to New York and in his 30s he found a skinny and abused pitbull tied to a tree. She was very aggressive and people cautioned him against touching her. He felt compelled to take her home even though she kept trying to bite him. He had rescued little dogs who looked similar to Rena, but he never took any home.

    He named her Donatella. For the first year, she was a handful. She pooped and peed in the apt-- mind you this is a full grown pitbull. Eventually, her aggression left, but she still had some behavioral problems. He was at the end of his rope and was about to find another home for her when her behavior suddenly changed and he realized it was his Rena. It took about a year for him to figure it out. He thinks she realized she had to make an attitude adjustment and not use the apartment as a toilet if she wanted to stay.

    When Hugh passed I asked my friend (Sasha) twice if believed in reincarnation. He said no the first time. A few days later, I was compelled to ask him again and he said no, but then began telling me about Rena/Donatella. Donatella is absolutely the most wonderful dog. Such human eyes, full of energy and an absolute clown. He says Donatella has the same exact quirky characteristics as Rena, the same eyes, and the same soul connection. At 12 years old, she also is insanely energetic-- Brent says intense energy is one sign of a reincarnated animal.

    I am so excited for you... it seems so promising this is Faith returned! Please let us know what Brent says about Hope!

    Lisa Nuzzi Julie, that gives me goosebumps to think "angels hand delivered her". I will email Brent. Even if she tells me no, that is ok. I know in my heart that she is here for a reason. When I texted my sister, she said she & my Mom both were sitting there with their mouths to the ground. They are open minded & believe in reincarnation, but were unaware of who Brent is.
    When I told them in September that she had contacted Faith, I could tell they wanted to believe what I was telling them but was afraid I was going to get hurt all over again. I'm sure you can understand. However, I always felt in my heart if anything were to separate the 2 of us, she would find her way back to me. Actually, the day Faith passed I could hear her meowing in the house. The next day I received a sign..I will have to find & tag you in the original post..
    Your story about your friend, Hugh, gives me more hope because as I mentioned earlier, Hope does not act like the Faith that crossed but the Faith I met as a kitten. When I first met Faith, I was afraid of her. Lol! She had attitude..she hissed & didn't want to be held for very long. That is Hope! In the end, that is what made me fall in love with her. I thought it was funny! She had so much energy! When I couldn't find her, I had to look up because she'd be on top of the drapes or hanging from a doorway...Now this kitten, Hope, is bouncing off the walls, I can't keep up with her & she is in no way a snuggler. I was told her brother is just the opposite. However, Hope didn't bond with my other cat, Brat, though..she is growling and hissing at him. So there are things that make me think it is not her.
    Either way, she has made me happy the last few days.

    Lisa Nuzzi Diane, thank you for being honest. I think their eyes are slightly different also..Faith's eyes used to seem to "float"..Yet, Hope looks directly at me. Hope's eyes are a lighter blue & more angled.
    I need to talk to Brent..
    And Julie, if this isn't Faith, I guess I have no choice but to call her Love now.
      Julie Cho At the very least, you know that Faith will return eventually. I grieve every day for Hugh. Every day, I seem to get a financial slap to that face rudely reminding that I was and still am on the precipice of financial collapse and I had no choice but to let Hugh go. It will be a cruel world if Brent says he isn't coming back. If Brent says little Hope isn't Faith, hold on to the knowledge that every day brings you closer to her return.
    Lisa Nuzzi I'm sorry. I meant Donatella šŸ™ˆ

    I doubted what my soul knew & worried Faith was not coming back also. I was a nervous wreck by the time I talked to Brent.

    You shouldn't be hard on yourself. I had to let Faith go, also. I knew no amount of money could stop what was already to be & I didn't have it in my heart to stretch it out for my own comfort while making her suffer. I'm sure you know in your heart you did the right thing

    They say there are no mistakes, only lessons..

      Lisa Nuzzi Diane, I cannot wait to read your story and see pictures of Kira & Cori!
      I feel my own soul growing wiser every day. Faith's passing was one of the most painful yet best things that has ever happened to me~

      I just can not seem to get enough..I keep craving more and more knowledge. This is just such an awesome experience..
    Lisa Nuzzi I absolutely agree with you! I just emailed Brent. I know this will help answer so many of our questions..
    I'm sorry that Maggie went through such a horrific experience..
    I would love to hear the story of her return when it happens..I hope it is very soon

    • Julie Cho Lisa, thank you for your kind words. The more other animal lovers can forgive me, the closer I can move towards eventually forgiving myself. And you're so right. This experience has devastated my soul while also and forever changed the way I think about EVERYTHING. There's so much more to this world than the eye can see and the body can feel.
    • Lisa Nuzzi Julie, what you said gave me goosebumps. YES YES YES!!!
    • Diane M. Palumbo Lisa, it isn't the shape or color of the eyes. It is something deeper, which is hard to describe. Like you said; Faith's eyes floated. When you sit with them for awhile, and look closely, you can feel the soul. As the expression says: the eyes are the window to the soul. I believe that with all my heart. Also, how does your heart feel when you hold her? If your grief has lifted a lot, it is probably Faith. If not, Hope was sent for a reason. So just love her with all of your heart and soul. If Brent said Faith will be back, rest assured she will be back. Brent described the exact marking that Starlight would have 1.5 years before she was born.
    • Lisa Nuzzi My grief HAS lifted a lot. I love her so much! I feel complete when I hold her close to my heart and she is purring. She's all I think about. So many of her mannerisms the immediate thought was it was her..there's something in the way she looks off in the distance & at her surroundings.. It almost feels as if her attitude now is, "I did the hard part, & now that I've returned, you sit back & let me do things my way this time" Lol
      I'm probably making up stuff now
      We'll see.. Without a doubt Brent will know.
    Dianne Virga Lisa, every time I see your post I feel so drawn to your new white kitten. I don't want to hijack your thread, but wanted to add this. I just read that Faith passed on Selena crossed over on 7-8, so we were experiencing similar feelings of loss at the same time. I don't know what the connection means...maybe they crossed together and maybe Selena is giving me hope and even more faith. So, thank you!

    • Lisa Nuzzi Dianne, let me start by saying I am deeply sorry knowing the pain you went through when Selena crossed.
      As for me, I can now look back & see both the pain & all the tears were worth experiencing, & I would go through it all again if it means her cr
      ossing & returning could give just one person hope & more faith. Because that is exactly what it has done for me. I look at everything SO differently now. I see souls now, not people. We really are all in this together, each with different roles, teaching & learning through each heart is filled with so much gratitude. Before Faith crossed, I cannot tell you how many nights I would lie awake suffering extreme anxiety & terrible panic attacks at the thought of dying or losing someone close to me..
      I know God had his hand on me through this storm.
      There was one night I collapsed on the floor~crying so loud..and my other cat ,Brat Teddy, walked over to me. It was the most calming & surreal moment~one I will never forget..he stared intently into my eyes with such compassion & softly began to knead my arm.
      As for Selena & Faith~what a warming feeling to think there could possibly be a connection
    • Lisa Nuzzi Hi everyone. I just wanted to update you on Hope. Brent assured me she is indeed Faith! Thank you so much, Brent.
      I'm sorry for being so distant this week.. Wednesday morning Hope became ill. We have been back & forth to the vet & the animal emerge
      ncy. At the moment she spending the weekend in the hospital. She was crying and began to vomit. She has since had 2 nausea shots. She still won't eat or drink..she'll play & then suddenly stop & hunker to the floor..She was starting to become dehydrated & is now being fed through an IV. Her blood work & temperature are good. She tested negative for feline HIV & leukemia. Her X-Ray is clear. The only thing left is exploratory surgery which I hate to put her through, but it will be Dr. Laura's call in the morning.
      I will post a separate post a little later today. Thank you guys for being so awesome.
    • Lisa Nuzzi Brent, I kept trying to calm myself knowing you had told me she would be with me at least 13 1/2-15 years this time. I
      I guess it's that devil. Lol
      He's really good at deceiving & causing doubt.. I think I panicked because I'm not fully over the recent
      experience of "losing" Faith and the grief that followed.
      I can't say it enough..I thank God for being led to you. Your book was literally the glue that pieced my broken self back together. I had started to become bitter because of life but you've changed that.
      I bought a new charm for my bracelet. It resembles a lifesaver which is symbolic (in my eyes) of what you, this group & Hope have been to me.

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