Animals Life after death Is this a Beagle or a Guardian Angel? ALDC

Guardian Angels Can Take a Pet Form   
      A Guardian Angel who chose a Beagle’s form to watch over its person is one of the most interesting readings I’ve done in 20 years of consultations!

     When I first tried to “see” Blanche’s energy, I was unable to find it!  That has NEVER happened to me!  After multiple attempts, I told the owner that we could reschedule to see if she would appear another day
OR I’d refund her money.
      Minutes after I said that, I looked at the photo again, and an “energy being” started communicating with me.  Still no energy form to look at.  So I asked “show me your energy” and an Angel appeared. 
No wonder- I was looking for a dog’s energy.   Needless to say the Angel’s story was fascinating as to “why” she had chosen this Beagle body to watch over her person and all of the other information she provided my client!  Although rare, God’s Angels can “take on the form” of an animal for their Earthly assignment!

Brent Atwater