RS Maltese Dog from Italy Returns after animal afterlife at Rainbow Bridge

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ET (the magic dog) passed on 16th May 2012 after 17 years together.

On Christmas Eve, when I was 8 he came in my life.
I was told we were going to buy some wood for the fireplace; instead a man came with two white Maltese pups in his hands. I immediately chose ET and I still don't know why, since the other pup was smaller. I think we were meant to be together.
ET was a brave soul in a small body.
ET was a brave soul in a small body. He came to be a tireless walker, a great skier (just running behind me while skiing), and a very good swimmer. He was an athlete and was perfect for our adventurous, strange life.

We used to say we were “a mother, a daughter and a dog in a big world”. In fact when we were lonely, ET seemed to know it and was very protective with us. His mission was to keep us together and to avoid any kind of separation. He was very symbiotic and never parted from us a single day.

When we started to travel, he came with us everywhere, from Sahara to Russia, from Alaska to Mexico, from Maine to Florida and so on... He has visited at least a 40% of the world, till his last time in USA at the age of 15 and a half, still walking up and down in San Francisco, swimming in the ocean and running in the desert.
He was a very strong dog.

At age of 12 he had a surgery on his back for a vertebral dislocation. He had a 6 hours surgery and they inserted a prosthesis. He was paraplegic for two weeks after that surgery, but he fought and in the end he started walking again. He did not walk normally, but limping.  His back was very stiff and there was a hump in his spine.  Throughtout all of this he did not lose his will to live.

In February (2012) he was very ill and the vet told me it was for renal failure. 
Not sure if he would pass the night, he told me to keep him on fluids. I could not accept it. I asked ET to stay a little bit more, at least 3 months. I don't know why I asked for 3 months more. But now I know that he or someone was listening. And in fact he lived 3 months more.
Maybe that was the time I needed to say goodbye.

After a week of fluids his values were normal. The vet said he could not explain it but it was a miracle. I never left him for a minute in those last months. I took him to physiotherapy twice a week and he started walking again. I spent the days looking for the best therapies and I'm happy that he lived with a good life-quality.
He got worse suddenly on May 12.

I knew it was the end, but my mother wanted to try one more time, so we took him to the best veterinary hospital 100 miles away from home.
I had to leave him alone for the night, but he seemed he made it another time.
Then May 16, I had to put him to sleep because of a surgical complication.

We were destroyed, but I've always known my magic dog wouldn't make it this time.
I was desperate. Everything seemed strange and empty.
But ET started to send me signs he was closed to us.
One night I felt compelled to make photos of my room and in one picture ET was there, clear as if he were living.  Another time I asked him to let me find our photo on San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge. A few hours later, I hit against a book and a little box fell down on my foot. Inside there was memory card with my pictures of San Francisco and the one with ET I was asking for.

I had several signs, but the most important was a dream I had: I was going to pick ET's ashes up. When I arrived, I noticed out of the office there was a list with the names of the dogs that had to be cremated. I couldn't find ET's name. Then I turned my head and I saw him as a puppy, playing and rolling in the courtyard of this place. This courtyard was surrounded by jasmine plants.
I did not pay attention to this dream, thinking it was a message from ET that he was fine and healthy.

However some days later a woman asked for my friendship on Facebook. Immediately after we were "friends", she shared an article about divinity of cats and dogs and in the end it was about the possibility of reincarnation. The author, James Tyberonn channeling Archangel Metathron, suggested to take a young puppy, possibly same sex and breed, because the energy field of the dead animal could be easily attracted by resonance in this new body.

We were really surprised by the coincidence and started thinking about this possibility.
The real problem was that we didn't want another dog at all, we were not ready and it seemed like we were betraying ET.
I emailed the author of the article and despite the jet lag, he immediately answered (another sign?), insisting that I could provide ET a new energetic body to stay with me again.

ET a new energetic body to stay with me again. Hmmmmm
I had to overcome my doubts and skepticism and what I did was only for love. If I had only 1 possibility in a million, I had to risk, even though everything seemed unbelievable.
The day after we left to reach ET's breeder, a very long way far from home. I saw a beautiful puppy, but for some reason I said no. I couldn't do it.
We decided not to have another dog: it would have been only a way to replace ET because we could not bear the pain.

Some days later, I suddenly had the impulse to look on Google to see if a Maltese was born on May 16th (the day ET died).
I cannot explain why I felt so compelled to do it. Now I say it was a sort of transcendent intuition it was a knowing in my soul!
I couldn't believe it!  Just 2 hours earlier someone announced on a website a Maltese litter born on May 16th.  It was just 5 miles away from the veterinary clinic where ET died.

The next day we were to see those puppies.  A 20 days old male puppy came toward me: he had an orange fillet around his neck.  ET died in an orange blanket and orange was the color we used for renal failure in cromotherapy (so it was a significant color in his last months).
When I looked around I saw  and felt something familiar but I could not understand what it was.  That house had a backyard surrounded by jasmine plants (the one I dreamt about).
The lady who had the litter wanted to present me a book: it was about angels and in the first page it was about Archangel Metathron (Tyberonn was channeling Metathron ).
The litter was expected to be born on May 20; ET had to die on May 12. It looked like both ET and the new puppy had to meet in a specifically point of the timeline, just in order to create a sign for me.  I reserved the puppy.

I could not believe all the coincidences were just "coincidences."
In my heart I knew that someone had planned all the coincidence to match in order to force us to take this puppy.
In fact I could accept the idea of a dog only if somehow connected with ET. That's why I did not take the first puppy and I would not have taken any other if born on another date.
But more surprises had to come to convince me!

I went visited him many times.  He seemed very affectionate to us and always tried to come home with us. Once the litter was sleeping and I was talking about ET. When I said ET's name, that puppy woke up and ran to us. Note, before that time, we had only called him with his new name (Nostos that means "return" in Greek).

When I took him home he was 60 days old.
An AC I spoke with before, told me Nostos was ET (a walk-in) and that I had to expect at least 2 signs when taking him home: ET was telling the AC that he was impatient and that he wanted to go for long walks immediately. I told the AC that he would have been too young to go outside, but she said that he would have not permitted it. He wanted to go. She also said that he would go to my mother and kiss her nose.

So he came home with no traumas and looked like he was really coming back and restarting his old life. He was extremely happy to be home. When he came, he climbed the sofa and kissed my mother on her nose. Then he started to cry in front of the door, wanting to go outside.
We took him out in our arms, but he started crying intensely and moving in way that we could not keep him in our arms.  He wanted to walk. In the end, we were so tired of him, that we let him down: he started walking and running, wagging his tail, looking at us deeply. He was not scared of the outside (we live in downtown), used to the leash and walking with intent.  We were really surprised by that.
He also manifested other traits of ET:
ET had the habit to go back to start eating when we called him before going outside.  He would not eat until that moment (very boring habit!) and so we had to wait for him to finish. Nostos did the same the first month he was with us.
Also, he did not want to pee or poo in the house.

ET went on the balcony we have upstairs. I did not show Nostos the balcony, because I was afraid of the stairs. But he found the door, asked for me to take him upstairs (he was less than 1 pound when I took him home), and he went there for pee without exploring the new surroundings. He knew he had to go there.

In a few days, we left for a vacation in France.
He was extremely calm, even though we changed hotels every night.  He looked like he was used to travel.  But what impressed me was his happiness when we took him on the beach. When he saw the ocean, he got crazy (like ET did) and went swimming! You could see this sort of “white mouse” swimming in the ocean... all the people around were surprised of how brave he was, despite his very young age and his tiny dimension.  He worried when he saw us swimming, barking at us to get back up on the beach, in the very same way ET did.
Then we realized he knew all the expressions we used with ET, first of all even his old name.

He was not used to being called “Nostos”. He did not listen at all. If I wanted him to obey, I had to call him ET. He immediately stopped to do anything, run at us, and wagging tail. (Now he has learnt his new name, but every time I call him ET he stops and listens, with a sort of respect that I cannot explain).
We were used to calling ET for help, shouting: “ET, help!” He would come running to us, barking and trying to help us. Nostos knew this expression and did the same.
He also knew “Let's come back” and “Where is Mum?” starting to look around for my mother.

He also did many things like the young ET, such as running after those who were jogging, playing football, barking at fire hydrants, biting ankles when walking and so on. He was very good in following us without leash also (ET was always without leash).

He immediately showed his affection in the same way to me and my mother; he has the same tendency to protective and has the same anxiety for our safety as ET had towards us. Nostos showed this trait from the beginning, very unusual for a 2 months old puppy; he doesn't want us to be separate from him as ET did.
Nostos doesn't like to be approached by strangers, but he expressed love and affection for all of our relatives, especially my granny that had a strong bond with ET: Nostos went crazy the first time he saw her, he ran to the kitchen, sat in front of the newspaper my granny left on the floor (where she put food for him) and started barking in order to have food from her. He is a very energetic puppy, but when my granny puts her hand on his head, he falls asleep: she always did it with ET to calm him down.

Once we were walking in a crowed street, he started running and I could not understand why: he ran up to my uncle to greet him. He had never seen my uncle before (in this life...)

Another episode was a couple of months ago, when we went for a walk in a fishing village, where we were used to go with ET. We had the habit to stop for a slice of pizza in a little bakery. When I left him without of leash (it's a pedestrian area), he started running, looking on the left side of the street... he was looking for something. Then he went straight inside the bakery and started barking to the baker: he wanted to eat pizza!

He also showed a physical recognition sign: his back is not perfectly straight. It is a little bit hunched between thoracic and lumbar trait, which was where ET had the surgical phrotesys inserted (and he looked like a dromedary:)

I hope my story will help all those who are going or went through the terrible experience of losing the best fur friend. ET literally led me to him again.

I also want you to know that death and loss have a meaning that you can't simply cancel, even though your fur babies come back. You have to go through this, you need to understand and elaborate. You also need to keep alive the memory of your pet, even though his/her soul his still with you in a new body. This is important because they come back, but need to evolve: every return is a new experience and the past needs to be celebrated for what it was and for the value it had in a specifically moment of your life.
Souls who are meant to be together always find each other. That's for sure.

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