Healing Loss- Grief Recovery Brent Atwater's new Book, Grief + Gratitude, How to Heal Grief, Recover and Live after Loss Excerpt

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Excerpt from the Book to be released Sept 2017

What do I do Now???
If you are reading this introduction, you or someone you know probably needs a GREAT BIG HUG!!! and some guidance.

I get this!  You’re not going crazy and you are NOT alone any more! I totally understand your position, we’ll get through this together.
I made it, so can you.

My fiancé Mike was killed in a head on collision. My world and dreams were shattered, my heart ripped from my chest, my soul blown to oblivion and my mind, who knows where that went when I suffered my loss. I have lost numerous soul Pets too, all creating the same response because they are “family” and truth be told, sometimes closer than some family!  
I have lived the experience you are going through many times over.

Death and loss changed the course of my life and my life’s purpose. I promised God to honor Mike’s death by dedicating my life to helping others so they would not be alone during this horrific time and that I would help guide them so they could rejoin life again 

For over 20 years I have assisted individuals and pet parents on their healing journey to recovery and their reentry into life.

I have lived the struggles. I had to pull myself up by my bootstraps to survive the emotional hell you’re faced with after Death.  It’s not an easy journey and some of the mental speed bumps will be hard to implement.
I promise the end result will be worth your efforts and your life will have purpose and meaning again.

On the upcoming pages, I offer step by step practical, powerful, profound advice and guided healing solutions from my heart and from my soul’s “experiences” during sickness, degenerating health, disease, chronic illness and even sudden or inevitable death. And from all the research I did to get me through this situation,

I’ve comforted, supported and helped people and pets who were dying and assisted their transition, Then I talked with, listened to and shared Their communication and messages from Heaven and the Other Side.

Many thanks to all those beloved Beings who have taught me from the Afterlife what I share with you in this book.   You CAN move forward after suffering the loss of a beloved person or pet and They want you to do so.

Ignore people that think you are “crazy” because you feel that there is more to life than the finality of Death.  Now, you’re in charge of grabbing your boot straps and  doing what it takes to evolve.

From this moment on, your goal is to make choices that create comfort, clarity/ understanding, healing, happiness, peace, closure and a fulfilling quality of life. I got your back and will be here to direct you and uplift your heart as you go through this process !

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