Animal Medium talks to the Heart of a Dog, Cat or Horse, More than 10 Things Dead Pets want to tell you!

WHY are Brent Atwater's Animal Medium Readings different from other Animal Communicators?

Because most ACs can not see your Pet's Spirit!
AC's receive "telepathic" information in their mind. Then they interpret those thoughts into "communication" from your pet. 

NOT Brent Atwater.

Brent actually sees, looks at and talks face to face with your Pet's Spirit no matter where you are located in the world! Because of that fact and years of research she is considered the world's authority on Pet Afterlife, Animal Life after Death and Reincarnation.

For almost 20 years Brent’s life changing Animal Spirit Readings have been healing clients and audiences worldwide because they're filled with several hours of very personal information and sensitive, specific OMG details that provide clarity, comfort, peace, closure and proof of after death communication!

Brent's goal and life purpose is to answer your questions to help heal your heart. 

Because Ms. Atwater also has the extraordinary gift to see inside a body to accurately diagnose current and future health issues, she can answer specific questions about health issues and occurrences surrounding the death of your pet.

As an added bonus in a Reading, your Pet's Spirit tells and shows Ms. Atwater your Souls' purpose together.

Brent was featured in Global TV's Documentary "For Love of Dog,"  a 15 min segment on Pet reincarnation for CBS Atlanta (this was filmed during the shoot), numerous magazine, newspaper  (NY Daily News) and media interviews.


t's Pet Life Radio Show has over 100,000 listeners each month, Podcasts can be found on iHeart radio, Itunes and more.  Her Afterlife Blog  and YouTube Animal Medium show  and Global Facebook Pet Group provide healing, hope, comfort, education and answers for animal lovers, healthcare professionals and interested viewers from all over the world!


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Brent Atwater
the Animal Medium
Animal Communication that Heals Hearts!
Authority on Pet Afterlife Animal Life after Death and Reincarnation