Why did my pet cat have to die and leave me? What am I supposed to learn?

Why did my pet cat have to Die and leave me?

What am I supposed to learn?
A good question and one we all ask. 
Personally, it took me a very long time to both accept this and to understand. It seemed Baxter was cruelly ripped away from me at a time when I needed him most. Suffering extreme post-natal depression, he was the only light in my life at times. When he would walk up to me I could literally feel all the negative energy drain out of me and I was full of happiness. Then suddenly he gets sick and dies a short time after. I don’t believe I have ever felt so angry, robbed or grief stricken before or since.
Upon his departure I had to take a good hard look at myself. I (finally) managed to pull myself together. I re-connected with my family, settled into my new way of life and managed to find happiness again.
Later still I felt a little unfulfilled and decided to look into animal care. Eventually I decided to study Veterinary Nursing, enrolled in an online course and passed with flying colours. I also got a job at my work placement clinic.
I now see that Baxters untimely departure was the catalyst for me changing my way of thinking, re-connecting me to my human family and setting me on the path of a new, exciting and rewarding career in helping animals (and their owners).
I still miss Baxter every second of every day (and occasionally still shed a few tears), but I still feel his presence, receive signs and have faith in the knowledge that we will be reunited – love never dies, the soul never dies.
Don’t give up hope or give in to anger or grief. There is a reason for all of this, even if it seems so full of blackness at the time. Follow your heart, take a chance, reconnect with people – you never know what can come of it. And your pet will be there in spirit, cheering you on. Till you meet again.

Many thanks to Theresa Sawert and Baxter for allowing us to share her inspiring story!

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