Friday, May 15, 2015

Animal Medium LIVE EVENT SCHEDULE tour dates l Brent Atwater

Animal Medium LIVE EVENT SCHEDULE tour dates l Brent Atwater

Email to apply for your city and friends to experience peace, closure and answers that will heal your heart! 

Does Brent Atwater the Animal Medium REALLY see and talk to dead pets? 
You don’t get to the point of being “the world's authority” by accident. Brent Atwater has been researching pet afterlife and animal soul life after death and Readings for YEARS.  During live Events, usually the Pet of the BIGGEST skeptic steps up and changes their mind!
Ms Atwater's Readings are valuable for those who do and dare to believe this could be true. Her motto states it's "Animal communication that Heals your Heart!"

Brent's Readings expand your awareness by bringing comfort, reducing pain and helping heal hearts for those who have lost a beloved pet.… and want to BELIEVE  or maybe consider that their pet has just shed a "pet suit", is in "sparkler form" as "living energy" and is always with us, lovingly participating in our lives in ways we may not fully comprehend.
There are those who choose to criticize Ms. Atwater's highly detailed specific and emotionally personal messages.  However, what if her Readings do help people cope with their personal tragedy and loss?  The concept of animal afterlife and the ability to connect with our beloved companions if we choose,  is a spiritual state of awareness that is worth experiencing!

Brent Atwater
the Animal Medium™ Animal Communication that Helps Heal Hearts!
Authority on Animal Life after Death and Pet Reincarnation