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What does the energy of a “walk in” animal look like?

                  Original Tic Toc               Tic Toc’s new body “Andy”

Tic Toc (on the left) passed on November 12th. The delivery body arrived many years before their walk in contract actually occurred.  Andy (on the right) was adopted November 17.  At that time, their Mom knew something was “very familiar” yet didn’t realize Andy was the return of Tic Toc.  As you can see from the eyes this is a very intense soul.
First you watch an animal’s life force energy cross over the death line and reassemble into sparkler form.  At that point, a normal reincarnation would recoagulate their energy in a future timeline.
However a “walk in’s” energy does an immediate U turn. It goes back over the death line into the previous life energy and not into future energy. 
Why, because the host body is back in the pre death environment of the original pet.  It’s very interesting to watch!  Then I describe the body that the pet’s Soul has inhabited so you will know “where your pet went.”


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