A Deceased Pet is Just the Beginning for Animal Life After Death & Reincarnation- Part 1

Even in death, one's journey doesn't end, but instead reaches a new beginning. This is my story of a love neverending.

The following is my actual post from the Facebook Group Animal Reincarnation: Animals Life Beyond Death -Pet Loss Answers & Hope https://www.facebook.com/groups/59877299590/ 

Hi everyone! I am excited beyond words to be here :)I know deep in my heart that I was led to this page and it was not "accidental".

As I've already mentioned, I unfortunately did not know who Brent Atwater was. But now that I do, I not only want to read her books but I am anxious to make an appointment for a reading.

Like all of you, I was devastated the day my baby passed away from cancer (July 12 of this year). I sobbed like an infant. It felt like I could not breathe..one of the worst days of my life. And the hardest part was that I couldn't hold her as I grieved which was what I have always done in the past when I was sad or felt overwhelmed. She was my best friend for more than 13 years... she has been there for me through my darkest days. Now the house seems so lifeless..so cold. I hate being home.

The day after Faith passed, I felt as if the world was in slow motion. I just couldn't believe she was gone. And of course, my friend thought a Starbucks would cheer me up and if nothing else, at least get me out of the house. It was a bright sunny day yet on the way back, she said, "Lisa! Look at that rainbow in the sky!" I smiled as she tried to comfort me telling me that it was Faith letting me know she was okay.. I decided to pull over. When we got out of the car, we were in complete awe at what we were seeing as neither of us had ever seen this before and I myself am 38. I later found out it is called a circumhorizontal arc. One rainbow encircles the sun while a second horizontal one runs underneath. We both took pictures with our phones and then came home. Suddenly in one of my pictures a cloud appeared to look like a cat lying under the sun...but not just any cat! It looks like my Faith kitty. I can see such detail. And what's even weirder is it only showed up in one of my pictures and only on my phone. And the horizontal rainbow began/ended right over our house.

But this isn't all. There is so much more. The day she passed, I heard her meowing from her bedroom. At the time I thought to myself I was having an auditory hallucination because of the extreme pain I felt in my heart.

I kept telling my friend that I couldn't understand..I always believed deep in my heart that Faith would come back to me if anything ever happened to separate us, but I was sad because I couldn't feel her. I just didn't..not even one sign of her..
12 days passed & I was lying in the living room crying. I pleaded with Faith to please please please show me a sign..something~ANYTHING if she still loved me. Not even 30 seconds later a meow came from down the hallway. It startled Brat Teddy, my other cat that was next to me. He sat up and we both just stared in that direction. I i had goosebumps..I couldn't believe it. I turned off the lights and took pictures. I wonder if these are orbs that appeared.. I have tried every night since then to take pictures but nothing else has happened.

  • Circumhorizontal arc. Faith is seen lying underneath the sun.
  • Horizontal rainbow started/ended over our house

  •  Picture of orb. This was 4 days after my birthday.