Deceased Cat's Sign from Afterlife in Pet Heaven - a Pet reincarnation Story

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I fell asleep crying this morning as this is the first Christmas without Faith since she's crossed over.
Tonight, my Mom was so excited to hand me the gift she had for me. I opened it & was in was a charm bracelet dedicated to Faith.
After the family finished opening presents, Breann wanted us to play a word game called Bananagrams. Each player starts with 21 tiles to build words... from. My heart fluttered as I turned mine over because the 1st word that I saw was "FAITH". I just knew it was a sign. As the game progressed, I looked over at my Mom's set of words. They were centered around the word "LOVED". How amazing is that?!! Those are the only 2 words on my charm bracelet she had given to me. What a wonderful Christmas gift not only from my Mom, but also Faith. (:

Lisa N.
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