Do Deceased Pets Reincarnate with Similar Medical History and Physical Markings

The following are my actual posts from the Facebook Group Animal Reincarnation: Animals Life Beyond Death -Pet Loss Answers & Hope


  • February 23, 2014

This 6 second video of Hope (yes, 6 seconds ~ she's a rambunctious little kitten! Lol) captures again her tail that crooks to the right and comma mark on her head as Brent had predicted. Watch how she excitedly comes to me to be lint rolled just how Faith used to.
In the comments below, I'll post 2 photos. One is the original envelope I wrote Brent's predictions on ~ Keyword: SMILE. She kept emphasizing the fact that When Faith returned she would SMILE. And she DOES!!! For example, she will be sitting on the kitty tower outside of the room and I'll open the door to come out and one side of her mouth will curl up!!! Or I'll surprise her and come around the corner & she smiles. It's so cute!
Also, Brent predicted she will have two more black spots. One on each side between her shoulder and hip. Low and behold, we were giving Hope a bath and on her right side is a faint black patch already. (:

  • February 05, 2014 

 I strongly feel that our comeback kids either reincarnate with similar medical challenges, or show signs of previous medical challenges/scars from a previous incarnation. I have a video of Faith followed by a video of Hope. Besides sharing the same marking on their chins, Hope's tail crooks not only to the right but hangs down. The last 6 months of Faith's life, her tail went limp and she could not raise it as you will see. (:

Also, Faith had a small round patch of fur missing under her chin. Hope has the same marking in the exact location as seen in this photo.

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