A Deceased Pet is Just the Beginning for Animal Life After Death and Reincarnation- Part 2

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The following is my actual post from the Facebook Group Animal Reincarnation: Animals Life Beyond Death -Pet Loss Answers & Hope https://www.facebook.com/groups/59877299590/ 

There is one more thing... I have been debating whether or not to mention it, but since you are all so sweet and understanding maybe you can help me with this one:

You know another strange thing is I very rarely call into work but 2 days before Faith pas
sed, I became ill & stayed home with her. I felt like it happened because God knew she was fixing to come home and wanted me to spend her last days by her side even though I was not even aware she was ill. What makes it even stranger is the fact that my girlfriend and I were taking my nephew, Michael, on vacation the following week and were supposed to leave Saturday. We had 5 nights reserved at a hotel in San Antonio. We had planned on heading back Thursday, and stopping 1/2 way in Dallas to stay the night so that we could take Michael to Six Flags the next day on Friday. However, when Faith passed, I just could not leave Saturday.
We left Sunday instead. Because of this, we did not stop in Dallas because there just was not enough time. I kept having this feeling that I just couldn't put my finger on. As it was bothering me one night in the hotel, I said, "What a week...I feel like things just kept happening to prevent us from coming..as if something bad was going to happen. Yet, here we are safe and nothing bad has happened. I don't know...I'm confused as to why."
That Friday night when we got home, my mom called. She was upset & told me there was a deadly roller coaster accident at Six Flags over Texas in Arlington that evening. I was in disbelief and my eyes filled with tears. She let me go and we turned on the news to find out it had happened at 6:45 PM.
THIS WAS THE PARK WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AT ON THAT VERY DAY! ..But because Faith had passed, we stayed in San Antonio and took Michael to the Six Flags there the previous day. As we were headed out of the park, we stopped for him to ride one last roller coaster, The Boomerang, AT THE SAME EXACT TIME~6:45 PM!

Do you think this had something to do with Faith's life purpose?

  • Michael riding The Boomerang (Black shirt, front seat)

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