Are Reincarnated Pets Part of a Special Group of Animals

Do you think our reincarnated fur babies are part of a special group of chosen animals?

Not only do they come here to teach us unconditional love but a NEVER ENDING love. They return from Rainbow Bridge to reach out and help heal many broken hearts in this group and spread awareness of animal reincarnation.
Is this part of their soul's purpose?
Brent Atwater I think in our Facebook Animal Reincarnation group yes. Because our members pass the love and learning forward to help others learn about this subject. Just look at how many welcomes we provide for our new members and how many responses are provided for those hurting.  It's all because our family of members CHOOSE to help one another no matter where they live in the world, and it doesn't matter whether or not they have a returned pet at that time or at all. Plus it's definitely a part of the pet's soul's purpose with each pet parent that they come back to. GREAT question 
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Brent Atwater
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