Signs from a Deceased Cat. Dead Pets can Communicate! Pet Soul

Signs from Cat Heaven

8 years ago, there was a stray pregnant cat that roamed outside the townhouse I was staying in at the time. I fell madly in loved with her and named her Kitten. She had her kittens & shortly after, she was hit by a car and passed away. ( I was so sad and my heart hurt for her kittens. I made them a shelter with blankets out front and fed them canned food and milk as soon as I would get off work at night. I was standing outside one night crying while watching them scarf down the food, trying to figure out what to do as I couldn't catch the quick little scared babies. Suddenly, I felt what felt like a cat brush up against my right leg. I've never forgotten. I felt like it was her way of telling me thank you.
Lisa N

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