Do You Have Depression due to Pet Loss during the Holidays? Animal Medium Brent Atwater Pet TV on YouTube Loss of a Pet

Do You Have Depression due to Pet Loss during the Holidays? 

During the Holidays, when family and closeness is on everyone's mind, there are many individuals who do not have loved ones or even beloved animal companions because they have gone to Rainbow Bridge or Heaven.

An animal’s death during these times creates increased emotional duress to their guardian. Depression sets into the pet owner’s heart and that imbalanced energy can even manifest a physical "illness."

Below are suggestions to alleviate your "lost love" scars and ideas on how to turn your anxiety, depression and pain into positive attitudes and actions.

Let's address your environment.  You might have the biggest office space and the fanciest house on your street, but your world is still empty.  When you come home there are no wagging tails, purring or chirping hellos. Every room has a deadly silence with no scattered toys or fur balls to vacuum.


To silence your soul’s anguish when coming home to an empty house that leaves you asking "is this all there is?” foster a pet during the Holidays.  Go to the rescue haven and help walk residents.  Share your love to dispel that emptiness by caring for others! Take the presents you were going to give Muffy, Fluffy or Horace to shelter pets that only have one chain-link room or give them to the local Humane Society.  Pets grieve too, your gift will create joy for a living pet.  Perhaps your contribution will help a pet “keep on keeping on” until they are chosen for a forever family.

During this “family” social season, be the family for an orphaned animal it can be healing. If you feel isolated create happiness with all the love you and your pet shared.  Volunteer with animal therapy teams to help uplift those in hospitals and nursing homes!

Although your heart may be dying a thousand times in memory of what "could have been” try to include other people who lost their pets in your holiday plans. Even though they protest....... it will help everyone be more social and remind their soul that there is life, hope and dreams after pet death.  Hold a Pet Celebration party focusing on all the good memories everyone shared. Then you’re experiencing “good grief.”

Are you still missing the special hugs that only your beloved animal companion could give?  Dress up as Mrs. Claus, go a childrens’ hospital or senior home and hug people who have been ignored.   I visited my 101-year-old grandmother and met her 96-year-old friend Rose.  After I hugged Rose, she said that was the first hug she had received in the 10 years after her husband died.  The last hug she received was from her her husband's funeral.....SO go hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MANY people and pets need a hug to turn their day or life around.

The best gift of all is learning to communicate and connect with your soul pet, plus having your hearts questions answered about your pet loss. The book Animal Life after Death by radio Host Brent Atwater and her “Alive Again” radio shows on Pet Life provide many learning opportunites that empower you to ask your pet what you want to know. You can even learn how to see and feel their Spirit sitting with you while opening presents and revisiting all your special photos and memories together.

Most of these suggestions will make your heart scars less heavy by sprinkling love in the lives of a pet or person who is less fortunate than you. This will shift your attention if only for a moment and take away your pain and depression.  Honoring your pet in this manner will add light even to your darkest hours.

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