RS Horse Reincarnation Animal Life After Death

Moses(8yrs old) and Spice(4mos) my dad bought them in 1997. I had a wonderful time with these 2 horses. I could/did ride Moses for hours and go anywhere with her and be safe on her back she was special horse back then to me. We ended up breeding her again in the spring of 98 the vet said she wasn't pregnant. I on other hand thought inner self knew he was wrong.

1998 as a 15yr old girl was horrible.  I lost so much that year between cats and dogs...then selling my Filly. That summer Spice  ( 9 months old) son of Moses decided to jump our barbed wire fencing(bad stuff i have never used it again).  He slashed his knees up pretty good. He could've had plastic surgery if he was young and would have been fine. But Dad said otherwise .

June 18 1998 I lost Spice by the hand of a dead stock man with a gun. I hated my dad for that.  I still do today because it didn't make sense and still doesn't make sense. Then came winter with fighting parents that were seperating.

Decemeber 28 1998 worst day of my life. I walked out to the barn to feed my two mares Tiger and Moses. Tiger greeted me but not Moses.  I couldn't see her.  I walked to her stall only to find a horrific scene.  Moses had prolasped from aborting the foal I knew was in her (something i get know from working with pigs). I was devasted I couldn't understand that if there was an almighty power how could he take such a precious horse from a teenager that needed her.
   Moose  is a 13yr old belgain/halfinger.  I bought her in Feb 2008 and knew I was buying her before iI even met her. Moose is a wonderful partner i couldn't ask for a better companion. It took me to go thru 3 other horses in my life to come upon her. I think it was fate. I read a book about animal life after death in 2011 and started to have thoughts and questions especially after reading about reincarnations. Thinking of her age and timelines to see if it where possible, i have regular contact with a local animal communicator so i called upon her to ask the question "Is Moose a reincarnation of Moses?" It seemed like an eternity waiting for an anwser back from her. But when she talk to Moose she saw Moses' spirit rise and fall within her. She wasn't in the spiritual world for long at all cause Moses past in Dec of 98 and Moose was born in 1999. Moose had a foal with me her name is Bella i have since found her a forever home because we didn't work as a great team.
Last spring it was like something bit me and i had to breed moose again and it had to be right then not a year or so down the road but NOW!! In the back of my mind i was thinking she wanted to bring Spice back so we could be a family again. So i bred her to a handsome boy then i had to wait to find out if she was pregnant then i had to wait another year to meet the bundle of joy. The night of March 28 2013 at 945pm I welcomed the new foal with open arms. I actually got to help Moose with the delivery such an awesome experience.

Spirit my little sweety. I was expecting a colt(boy) to be born if my thoughts and gut feelings were to be true of another reincarnation. I was crushed when my sister looked and said its a filly, i said are you sure? Yes a filly she is but has the mind set of a colt. But my sister said they can come back in the different gender.  But i was second guessing myself cause i didnt believe her on my inner thoughts anymore. How could i get this wrong i thought. So i contacted my communicator again and sent a pic of Spice to her and of Spirit too of course.
And this is what she responded with "Oh Melissa Spice's energy is definately in Spirit. Spice tells me that for what she wanted to do, she requires a better body than the one she had, (stronger is what I feel). This is a very special horse, as you already know, and you have so much to learn from Spirit. I do feel you will be doing a lot of healing work as well (as in energy healing) and he will be a teacher for this but that will come in time as I don't feel that time is here yet"

I can't believe that i have my babies back in my life. And everyone should know it happens but you have to be open to that as well.