RS Austalian Black Cat Reincarnation -3 times is a Charm for Pet Returns!

In 1983, a little black kitten with a small white patch on his chest came into my life, and while he was little in stature, his personality was larger than life. He was not the first, and certainly not the last cat I had in my life.  He had a very deep meow, more like a dog, and when he ran up trees he would ‘bark’.  His name was Fizgig, named from the black cat like creature in the movie, The Dark Crystal.  As he grew up, I realized he was an incredibly intelligent little being.  He would sit on the toilet (no training), bark when he was hungry, chase balls and play fetch and would sleep on my head every night.

On mother’s day 1984 he was run over outside our house running across the road to come home when we pulled in the drive way.  It was soul wrenching bringing his little limp body back to our house and burying him in the garden.  His mate in life ‘Gem’, a black and white tabby,  passed away exactly 2 months to the day after Fizgig died and the vet could not give a diagnosis.  I felt Gem died from a broken heart.

Gem (left) and Fizgig

Fast forward 10 years, 4 ‘human’ children, many furbabies later to New Year’s Eve 1994.  We just arrived back from celebrating and were walking into the front door when I heard the sounds of kittens crying.  We had two desexed cats at that time, Pojke – a gorgeously handsome huge Maine coon and Fizu, a beautiful little Blue Burmese.

I found in the gutter outside of our house, next to our bin, 3 tiny kittens no more than 4 weeks old.  There was no mother kitten in sight and I took them inside.  They were all very sick looking but so beautiful that I could not help but keep them.  The vet gave me a regime of treatments and hand feeding tools and for the next few weeks, hand fed, ‘dunked’ them and medicated them to good health, in the view of finding homes for at least two of them.  One of them was a male black kitten with a tiny white patch on his chest, another male, grey and white tabby and the other a female cream and brown striped tabby with beautiful blue eyes.  

As they grew, the black kitten, named Nellie (after Nelson Mandela being set free) loved climbing up my legs, would sit on the toilet and played ‘chasey’ with balls of paper, just like Fizgig.  And like Fizgig, only ate raw meat, dry biscuits and drank milk.  I fell in love with him and just ‘assumed’ I had a soft spot for black cats – and put his similarities in personality down to ‘black cat syndrome’.    Nellie slept on my head and had a deep meow, and would use his vocals frequently, as if talking to me.  He didn’t bark, but he certainly made his presence known! Fizgig was affectionately called ‘Fiz’ and ‘Fiz De Giggles’ cos he made us laugh!

We ended up keeping all three kittens as they all were special and my children couldn’t let them go. So we had Pojke, Fizu, Nellie, Precious (cream with blue eyes) and Frankie (grey and white tabby).  Frankie disappeared when he was about a year old, while someone was house-sitting – and never returned.  Pojke and Fizu died from old age at 17 and 18 years old.

At age 7, Nellie died from poisoning and Precious became mentally disturbed from the poison and eventually had to be put down.  Finding Nellie dead in our back yard was soul destroying for me and my children as he was such an enormous character.

A few months after Nellie and Precious died,  a friend of my son told him that they had two kittens to find a home for, and was I interested in having a look.  I wasn’t interested at all – particularly when I heard they were both male and black.  But for some reason a week or two later, I decided to go and see if they were still available.  When I walked in and saw the kittens, one full black and one black with a small white patch on his chest, ran up to me, tried to climb up my leg – I decided to take him home.  To this day, he only eats raw meat, dry biscuits and milk – by choice. I thought at the time, I was just trying to ‘replace’ Nellie – thoughts of reincarnation didn’t cross my mind – I put it all down to coincidence.   I named this lovely little man ‘Nepo’ in memory of Nellie and Pojke.  

Within a few months – we all noticed and commented how similar he was to Nellie, he had the bark, chased balls, paper or anything that moved.  He slept (and still does) on my head.  Nowhere else, just on my head.  About a year later, a little grey and white kitten was given to me – and he and Nepo are like mates from an old time.  His name is Pedro and is identical in personality to Gem in every way – almost ‘feminine’, loves the same strange food (tinned mushrooms and sultanas!) and the same tinned food variety that both Gem and Poke preferred. Gem used to bash his nose into my face (gently of course) for a kiss and Pedro does the same thing

It wasn’t until my first dog Joey died and I researched reincarnation for animals that the ‘realisation’ came to me.  I had a long session with Brent Atwater and read her books from cover to cover, to rescue myself from my grief.  After our reading, I was (am still), at peace with life in waiting for Joey to return.  My reading with Brent opened many portals and my thoughts have been interrupted by ‘conversations’ with my animals since then.  What a discovery tour I have been on!!  At first the ‘black cat’ realization hit me, but then – I realized Gem had also come back. My babies were always with me – and I am blessed and grateful.  Two cats have returned to me many times!  Fizgig came back as Nellie, Nellie came back as Nepo. I wonder if Pojke came back as Gem…. But I do know Gem came back as Frankie, Frankie came back as Pedro.

Pedro with my daughter’s kitten, Molly on his head

Nepo and Pedro are my current feline furbabies, aged 11 and 12 – both healthy, happy and adored cats.   This is a lifelong relationship I have had and continue to have.  It’s only when I opened my mind and heart that I knew, I KNOW reincarnation is part of our every day lives.

Nepo – now (May, 2013)

Brent Atwater