RS Jack Russell Returns from Rainbow Bridge as a Bird's Body for this lifetime! a Pet Reincarnation Story for Animal Lovers!

My name is Candace Hawkes and I am an Ambassador of Hope for Animal Reincarnation and I am writing to tell you; you can believe! 
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Juno my beloved Jack Russell Terrier, died on February 27th 2008.  She developed Cushing's two years before but was doing well on medication.  Little did I know it was affecting a chamber in her heart.  She died in the vet's office in her special bed while I was picking up papers and x rays to take to my appointment with a heart specialist.  She had been passing out at which time I would pick her up and drive like a madwoman to the vet only to have her recover.  The morning of her death I got up from the couch to get her ready and heard a crunch under my foot.  It was her red heart ID tag broken in two.  I said out loud  "she has a broken heart". Not realizing that by the end of the day it would fail.

She was truly a Gemini baby for she had two sides.  My cuddly, sweet "little hummingbird" inside and my natural born hunter when she was outside.  I loved both sides though I was unprepared for her hyperactivity!  She was the joy of my life and she was never far from me.

Her Spirit was always with me and on the property everyday.  I even told her to get off my feet when I woke up from my surgery much to the doctor's dismay.  The Doctor warily told my husband that I woke up talking to "Juno" and asked about her instead of him.  She gave me several other signs after she dies, but one day her energy just disappeared and I was inconsolable, my heart empty.

About that time I started going to a Pet Food store about every week.  One day I saw that they  had a pair of lovebirds for sale whose feather colorings were the shades of my healing colors.  I was so attracted to these birds that I visited them every week.

I was always relieved that they were still there each time I visited time, even though I had no intention of buying the lovebirds, I had grown very attached to them! My husband knew I loved animals but said " no birds, Please!!!" although I had always wanted a blue and gold macaw or another cockatoo.

One day "my" birds were eating fruit on the bottom of their cage and one of them came over to me at eye level with a little bit of orange in her mouth.  She looked at me  very intently.  Something in my stomach lurched and my chest tingled.  The woman who cared for them said
"Hun, these birds have been here for so long they have gone wild.  I have never seen them do that."

At this point I had been visiting them weekly for seven months since they were 2 months old!!!  The second week of December I asked my husband if I could have lovebirds and a flight cage for Christmas.   He said yes!!!!  I looked at him in shock but my insides were jumping for joy.

The next morning I called the store and told them to put the birds on hold.  I shopped for a  cage and supplies and then went to pick them up.  They hated being handled and having their wings clipped by the lady in the store.  However on the truck ride home, they settled in their cage on their perch swaying back and forth looking at me in unison.

From their smaller cage, they watched me put their new larger cage together.  They acted like they had been there a long time, were calm, but one would not let me touch him.  After two days, the other bird came on my shoulder groomed my ear and hair and climbed in my shirt and ate from my hand.  I called him Antony and the other Cleo for Cleopatra. 

I had read that often the males were much friendlier.  One day I realized that -Antony was laying eggs and Cleo was feeding her. I had gotten them mixed up! I called Antony Antonia or "Toni " and kept Cleo's name because he really liked it.  They are identical to most people but I can tell them apart.  Another day as I was cleaning the cage,  I told them that had recently read that lovebirds were the Jack Russell Terriers of the parrot world and I was learning why!  Cleo bit me every chance he could out of jealousy and protection when they were hormonal.  I got down on my knees to scrub the floor and Toni said telpathetically to me " I AM a Jack Russell Terrier. 
I laughingly said yes, and restated that her breed was the Jack Russell terrier of parrots. 
No , no" she cried, " I am your Jack Russell! "Perplexed I said " ok " and continued to scrub.

She knew I did not get her message.  She flew down to the floor since her feathrs had grown back, walked over to me, looked up and said " I am your Jack Russell Terrier!  I am Juno! " I sat there- Stunned!

I got up and staggered out of the room and down the hallway to absorb this information.
I was excited yet wary at the same time thinking I made it up in my head. 

 I was having a workshop at my house and 5 other Animal Communicators to help me sort this out!  Each one independently "read" that this bird IS Juno returned and I could truly believe what my intuition had been telling me! 
Later that day, when I entered the bird room Toni flew to me screaming, landing on my head and jumping from my head to my shoulder, to my arm flapping her wings and screeching the whole time. She understood  and knew that I was finally convinced!  Toni is my Juno, come home.  So you see, you don't have to worry.  They will find you and it will happen.  They will come home to you!  Everything in this story is the blessed truth!