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iracles that return from our eternal love.

Summer July 2002, a voicemail message stated a litter of rare whites collies were available.   She said that she heard about me from the folks at Southland Collie Rescue and they said I would be a wonderful adopter for one of her champion line of puppies. At the time, I was not considering the adoption of another dog.  My beautiful white collie Lady Di had passed away eight months earlier at around thirteen years of age.  I promised myself no dogs for two years.  Later that day, there was an email from a breeder basically stating the same thing as the first voice mail.  As the day progressed I read the email message and listened to the phone message several more times before I realized they were from two different breeders. 

voicemail was from a breeder up in Canada, the other from someone in St. Louis, Missouri.  Being a person who believes in "signs" my intuition told me not to ignore this coincidence.  Never before or since have I heard from two breeders on the same day telling me about a litter of white puppies especially given I had not been seeking a puppy. 

I contacted both breeders and asked if they had a white tri headed rough female.  They both said that they had one female in the litter and it happened to be their only tri headed white.  Realizing how the low odds were of something like that happening, I asked both of them to email me photos of their puppies. 
The moment the photos arrived in my email, I realized the puppy from St. Louis was my dog.  It was undoubtedly love at first site. I named her Princess Rose.

My beautiful nine week old puppy named Princess Rose came home to me in California on August 12, 2002 weighing 14.5 lbs. from St. Louis, Missouri.  She had been born on June 7, 2002. 
When Princess arrived, she had an immediate comfort in being with me.  She was happy and relaxed but most notably she never took her eyes off me as was pointed out to me by her trainer and others.  I had a very deep soul connection with this dog that was beyond anything I can really put words around.  She was full of life and joy.  She brightened my world in ways only Princess could. 

We spent countless hours playing fetch, taking puppy training together, going on car rides, taking walks, and generally enjoying our lives together.  Everywhere we went, people commented on her beauty.  Her friendly and joyful personality coupled with her sense of humor and strong intelligence made her a magnet for attention, which she immensely enjoyed and seemed to expect.

Five months after getting Princess, I became very sick with severe bronchitis which later turned into asthma.  I was home in bed for four weeks.  Princess only left my side to eat or go to the bathroom. She laid beside me nearly 24 hours a day until I was well.  Her devotion to me was unmatched by anything I'd experienced before.  Puppies have an abundance of energy and typically want to play all day long.  But during the month of my illness, my puppy Princess did not play.  She rested by my side day and night.

At one year old, Princess began losing weight regardless of the amount of food she ate.  We took many trips to the Vet (almost daily), but she kept being misdiagnosed as having food allergies.  I took her to a specialist and eventually after many tests, she was diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.  The diagnosis came on the one year anniversary of her homecoming -August 12, 2003.  She had lost so much weight that the doctor didn't think she could be saved. 

I said to the doctor if he couldn't commit 100% to saving her, I'd find someone who would commit.  I told him the only option was saving her life.  I asked if he was up to the challenge, and he gave me his word that together, we'd save her life.  I talked to Princess and asked her to live for me.  I begged her to stay.  I couldn't accept that her life would be only one year long.  She was such a loyal, joyful, and intelligent dog.  Our love was so very deep. 

I immediately began giving her the recommended medications but she still kept losing weight. I did some research, and I created a special home cooked diet for her.  That special home cooked food along with the medicine started working.  Princess began gaining weight and thriving.  We saved her life, and I know in my heart that she fought so hard to live because I asked her to do it for me.  I could see the WILL TO LIVE in her eyes everyday.  Each day she gained weight and within weeks was back at her normal weight.

After the diagnosis, her life was fairly normal except that she couldn't have snacks or any kind of dog treats or chews.  She lived on home cooked food, and she ate three meals a day with a special enzyme powder added to her food which provided her with the enzymes needed to digest her food which her pancreas could not do so naturally.  The powder had to sit in the food for 20 minutes to be activated.  Preparing her meals was a big production but it was a labor of love. 

Before her  diagnosis, I gave Princess a treat after each of my meals, I could no longer do that.  I will never forget the first meal I ate without being able to reward her with a doggie treat.  With tears flowing down my face, I looked her in the eyes and said, "Princess how can I ever eat a meal again without being able to give you a reward for being such a good dog."  What happened next was a miracle. 

My dog stood up and left the room.  For the rest of her life; each time I ate a meal, she left the room.  I know that she didn't want to make it hard for me, and she somehow completely understood my emotions so she politely left the room whenever I ate.  This was an act of love on her part, and I will be eternally grateful for her grace and dignity in accepting the restraints her medical condition had put on us.  She was my shinning star from heaven. 

Eventually three other dogs (who had belonged to my sister and needed a home), moved into our home with Princess and me.  Princess welcomed them with loved and shared all of her toys and dogs beds with them in the most generous way.  They became a very strong family to one another and their bonds of love grew each day.  The two little Shelties were shy, and Princess used her natural healing skills to help them socialize and learn to play.  The big collie Lad was her soulmate dog.  The two little shelties Pumpkin and Joey were like their  children.  The four were inseparable often sleeping on the same dog bed together.  You'd never see one dog without seeing all four together.   There was never a growl, dog fight, or any jealousy between them.  It was pure unconditional love with Princess at the helm as their leader even though she was the youngest. 

One day a neighbor's vicious dog got lose.  He stuck his head through the poles of my gate and reached for little Joey.  I was too far away from the fence to reach Joey in time.  As I ran towards him, Princess charged at the gate and blocked Joey taking three bites to the face.  Once again, she acted with honor and grace.  She needed medical treatment but was fine, and the scars on her face eventually healed.  Joey would have been killed that day had Princess not acted so heroically.

Eventually I met a wonderful man and got married, then my teenage nephew moved in with us. Princess welcomed everyone into our home and showered them with her special, joyful love and funny sense of humor.   

Sadly, two months after our wedding, on Princess Rose's seventh birthday her soulmate dog Lad died suddenly at the age of 12.  We were all  crushed to lose our gentle giant.  But Princess took it the worst.  Nine months later (two days before it would have been Lad's birthday), Princess developed severe bloat and internal bleeding.  Within a few hours after the onset, I had to make the gut wrenching decision to put her down. 

I cried in the most deep sobs I've ever experienced.  I held her throughout the process and she passed peacefully with my husband, sister, and me by her side.  I asked my husband how I could ever go home again without her.  In truth, it never did feel much like a home after she transitioned.  I privately wished I could die just to see her again. 

I have special songs for all my family members.  Lad's song is P S I Love You by the Beatles.  Princess Rose's songs are The Biggest Part of Me by Ambrosia, and Here There and Everywhere by the Beatles.

I have lost many people and animals, but honestly nothing ever impacted me like the sudden death of my beautiful soul dog Princess Rose.  I simply could not accept that she was gone.  How does one really describe the depths of love that can be felt for a soul animal.  Princess brought joy, unconditional love, and light to everyone she knew especially Lad and me.  I was forced to face Lad's death, the death of Princess, and the eventual death of  Walt.  And, in the midst of all that happening, my only sister suffered a heart attack.  There were moments I felt that I couldn't bear it all especially without my Princess there to comfort me.   What I have come to realize is that she was there for me all along. 

Grief turns to Hope.          
After the loss of Princess Rose, I began searching for ways to reach out to Princess.  I had a necklace made up with a laser photo of Princess, which I wore every single day.  It was inscribed "My Heart Belongs To Princess Rose. 
I needed closure.  I needed to know that she was okay at Rainbow Bridge, and I needed to know if my decision to euthanizing her was the right decision. 

I contacted a couple of Animal Communicators but my sessions left me questioning their validity.  I finally came across an AC who was really able to connect  with my dog.  She told me things that no one could have known had they had direct communication with Princess.  

But most surprising was that she told me Princess would reincarnate in around two years as a very beautiful female collie.  I consider myself to be a spiritual individual but I had not studied much about reincarnation.  The concept of Princess coming back to me seemed surreal but gave me hope.  I

I contacted a deeply spiritual friend and asked if he could contact Princess to ask if she was going to reincarnate.  He doesn't typically work with animals but he agreed to do this as a favor to me.  He told me that Princess would return within two to three years.  He said she was around me almost constantly and guiding me. 

My grief continued and I decided to learn more about Animal Communication.  I took classes from this AC and learned the skill of communicating with animals.  The process opened up my mind and senses to be more aware of signs I had been receiving from Princess and ways I could connect with her. 

During all these challenges, I rescued a white tri headed male collie named Sunny.  I call him Sunny Sunshine.  He along with Pumpkin and Joey helped get me through some of life's very challenging moments.  I am eternally grateful to them for loving me so much.   

  As time went by, the grief continued with daily tears.  One night a year after Princess passed, I was feeling particularly low so I did a google search on Animal Reincarnation.  Brent Atwater's name popped up with information on her books.  I immediately downloaded a couple of her books and read the books staying awake throughout the night to complete them. 

The next day, I scheduled a session with Brent.  I was exhilarated and couldn't wait to speak with her on the telephone.  When the appointment time came, Brent and I talked on the phone for three hours.  She confirmed that my dog would be back (without knowing an AC and Satish had already told me the same thing).  But Brent also gave me an exact description of what my dog would look like in her next incarnation describing every detail of her unique markings as a very beautiful white female collie. 

She also told me that Princess had been my dog when I was five years old and was with me in previous lifetimes.  She described Princess as a guardian of my soul.  Brent explained that Princess was one of my teachers and would lead me and help me do work involving animals upon her return.  Brent said that Princess wouldn't give a timeframe for her return but it would be when I most needed her.  She said it would be Princess Rose's choice regarding when to come back, and she would help carry my soul through difficult times.

In February 2012, Brent contacted me on Facebook to tell me that Princess was ready to return.  I was stunned.  I had become so involved with my husband's failing health that I had stopped thinking about a time for the return of Princess.  I knew she'd be back when I needed her; and so the timeframe became less important than the reassurance that she'd be there when I needed her. 

But when I read Brent's FB post, I knew what it meant.  It was a signal that my husband would be dying soon, and Princess would wait to greet him.  Once his transition was complete, she'd return to me.  It all began to make sense.  Suddenly I understood the reason her previous incarnation was cut short.  When Princess died in 2010 at the age of 7.5, my husband and I took many trips that were on his bucket list which I would not have done while Princess was alive. 

Her passing was such a blow to me that I wanted to escape from my life and my husband wanted to travel more before he died.  Princess gave us the opportunity to do so by exiting.  It also gave her the chance to greet my husband when his time came and assist with his transition and learnings.  Her death also gave her the opportunity to return as a young puppy so we could begin the next chapter of our lives together and this time she'd be in a healthy body. 

The depth of pain that I felt from her death put me on a path of seeking to know more about connecting with her in spirit form and understand more about reincarnation.  Only that level of pain could have put me on such a path at that time in my life.  And only losing my soul dog Princess could have caused that much pain.
As it turned out, two months after Brent told me that Princess was ready to reincarnate and return to me, my husband passed away.  Starlight Rose was born on June 5, 2012 .  I flew to North Carolina and met Star for the first time.  We flew home together to CA the next day.
Starlight Rose - Born June 5, 2012

The Journey that led to Starlight Rose

After I learned from Brent that Princess was returning soon, I began writing to collie breeders to ask if any had or planned to have litters including the rare whites. I wrote to more than 40 breeders from all around the country.  I also contacted my friend Satish to ask if he could tell me more about her return.  After several attempts to connect with Princess,  the only information Satish was able to share was that Princess would be back sometime between August 2012 and November 2012.

After months of hearing disappointing news that no breeders had a white female collie puppy, I had a very powerful dream about Princess on June 21, 2012.  In my dream she was sleeping in very clear, clean, shallow water.  I thought to myself that she must be dead because I didn't see any air bubbles.  I called out her name very loudly around three times.  When she heard her name, she lifted her head out of the water and stared at me for a few seconds.  She didn't run to me or want to play.  She looked like she had been asleep and my voice woke her up.  She then put her head back in the water and closed her eyes.  Immediately air bubbles began coming out of her nose.  Then I woke up. 

I couldn't stop thinking about the dream.  I posted about it on Facebook and got many replies.  Most people felt it was a sign that she was in a womb or that she had already been born.  In my heart, I knew my dog had been born and was close to returning home to be with me.

Within a couple of days from having the dream, I  was contacted by a breeder telling me his dog had a litter and there was one white tri headed female.  He said it was too soon to tell but that they may keep her to be a show dog.  Within a few weeks, the breeder sent me a photo of his puppy.  It was instant love.  I believed she was my dog.  I posted photos of her on Facebook and began picking names.  I kept changing my mind about the names and the breeder kept putting obstacles in my way. 

 Brent advised me to make sure this was Princess in my heart.  I did not like the fact that she kept offering words of caution throughout the process but I didn't know how to tell if the puppy was my Princess.  All I knew was that she showed up right after my dream, and I fell in love with her when I saw her photos.  She had similar markings to Brent's 2011 description of how Princess would look in this  incarnation.  But the description was not an exact match.
I had to wait eight to 12 weeks before the breeder would decide if he was keeping the puppy.  All along Brent kept sending me comments to question my self which I found to be irritating and frustrating because I wanted this puppy to be mine.  My husband had died two months earlier, I moved into a house that I did not like to help my sister, my other three dogs were aging and one was diagnosed with a heart condition, his littermate began losing her eyesight, and my third dog developed a mild case of horners syndrome.  All I had to look forward to was the return of my soul dog Princess Rose. 

I could hardly wait for my bundle of joy to arrive.  Each week it seemed as though there were new obstacles to getting this particular puppy.   I was feeling very anxious.  One day I was looking up information on the puppy's lineage and came across a notice that a North Carolina breeder had two white tri headed female puppies.  It is so unusual to have one rare white in a litter, and having two is highly unusual so I called her to learn more.  She told me that she already had a deposit on one of them and sent me some photos. 

As the weeks went by, I continued to look at the photos of these puppies.  On August 12, 2012, the North Carolina breeder contacted me to say that her puppies passed their physical exams and important collie eye exams.  She sent new updated photos of her dogs.  I asked which one had already been spoken for because I was beginning to feel a magnetic pull to one of her puppies.  The one that was still available was the one I had become interested in.  The puppy was ready to be adopted immediately.  

August 12 had been a significant date for Princess and me in 2002 and 2003, I began to wonder if receiving the email that day was another sign.  Doubt and confusion began to creep in and I was worried "what if I'd pick the wrong dog and Princess wound up with someone else."  Shortly after hearing from the NC breeder, Brent wrote to me on email about a different matter.  I replied and told her about my dilemma.  She immediately called me. 

As I began to become more convinced that the North Carolina puppy was the reincarnated Princess, Brent seemed to agree and finally admitted that she never felt the other puppy was Princess.  Brent told me not to worry about selecting the wrong puppy because the Universe would not let that happen nor would Princess.  I suddenly realized that the NC puppy had the identical markings to those described by Brent during our 2011 session.  It was a 100% match to what Brent said Princess would look like in this incarnation!  To help me make a decision, Brent suggested that I ask God for three very big signs, and so I did.

As all this was happening, I settled on the name Starlight Rose for my new puppy.  I asked God and Princess for three big signs and for them to lead me to the right dog. 
Sign One:  the NC breeder asked what name I had chosen.  I said I wasn't sure and gave her three names.  I asked her to tell me which one most fit her puppy.  She immediately said Starlight Rose because she "acts like a Star" and always wants to be  the center of attention.   Truthfully I already selected that name and was hoping for confirmation from the breeder that it fit my puppy.

Sign Two:  the NC breeder told me that her puppy loves to give kisses. Well kissing me was a trademark of my Princess Rose.  I was feeling pretty good after being told about the kisses.  On my way home from work that day,  I was listening to the radio and three songs played back to back.  Coincidentally these were songs that I had selected as songs for Princess Rose and Starlight Rose.  I have a special song (or two) for everyone of my dogs (deceased and living).  It was amazing that the two songs for Princess played on the radio followed by the new song I had selected for Starlight; and in that moment I knew I was close to having my baby come home.  I became filled with joy and excitement.  It was almost too much of a coincidence hearing these three songs back to back.  So I asked God to send me one more song to confirm that this wasn't just a coincidence.  Within a couple of minutes, a song played on the radio by Billy Joel and the words of the song were about a couple getting back together after being separated for a long, long time.  Wow - another direct sign.
Sign Three:  I made my decision to get the puppy from NC, and I booked my airline tickets to North Carolina.  But I asked God to the let the other breeder tell me his dog would not be available before I left for North Carolina.  The night before I left for North Carolina, the other breeder finally contacted me to say he would be keeping his dog and establishing her as a show dog.  He has high hopes that she will make it to one day become the first white collie to win Best in Breed at Westminster.  I wished her well.

My heart sang with joy.  I knew I had found the right puppy and had been given three big signs (plus the songs) to help me feel great about my decision.  The next day I flew from California to North Carolina to bring my girl home.  When I first saw her in person, I was stunned.  The photographs of her were not very clear and had not shown that her face had the identical, unusual markings as Princess Rose's face.  I guess the Universe gave Brent Atwater a dog with a big B on her body to help her know it was her reincarnated Friend.  The Universe gave me a dog with identical face markings to help me know my soul dog Princess had reincarnated. 

I noticed the moment I met Starlight Rose that my heart stopped hurting.  This was the absolute confirmation that my dog had returned to me.  Each time I look into her eyes, I melt.  Of course she has many puppy moments that drive me crazy, and it can be absolutely exhausting keeping up with her.  But the love I feel for this little angel is profound.  The best part is that Starlight and Sunny have developed an immediate bond of love for one another.
Starlight is beginning to exhibit many of the habits and behaviors exhibited by Princess.  For example Star loves to lay on the ledge of fireplaces.  That was Princess Rose's favorite place to rest (even though it is a different house).  I moved next door to the house I lived in while Princess was alive.  Starlight is often found deeply gazing into the next door yard even though there are no animals or people in the yard.  It seems as though she is "remembering." Princess had over 100 toys.  But of course there were around 10 favorites.  I saved 50 toys knowing she'd be back soon including all of her favorites.  Starlight has selected the very same toys as her favorites.  Starlight is a bit more bossy than Princess was, and she has been harder to train as a result.
My career is in Human Resources although my passion has always been animals.  Most of my life I didn't know what role I could play in working with animals.  I am n ot a "hands on" type.  I am more intuitive and intellectual.  Although I studied AC, I didn't feel it was the right work for me.  I had done some volunteer work with dogs but still something was missing or misaligned for me.  And so I didn't understand what I could do for animals beyond giving donations to their cause and being a good guardian to my dogs. 

Brent and Princess helped me see that I can read energy, and my many years of working in Human Resources have trained me to be a coach and counselor to people in need.  The work I will do when I finish my HR career in a few years will be with Starlight to help people understand that Reincarnation is possible and real.  We can help give hope to those grieving.  We can help people BELIEVE in the miracles of love and recognize that true love is eternal. 

Princess Rose and I have a golden cord that reaches beyond space, time, the physical world, and the spirit world.  Its reach goes beyond the veil and does not end with death.  It is ever present and will always exist. 

Thank you Brent for guiding me back to my soul dog and giving me hope during times of sadness and pain. 

Thank you Princess Rose - Starlight Rose for being my teacher, a guardian of my soul, and for sharing eternal love with me.

                                              Star is Growing UP!