Departed Pet Border Collie Returns after Death - Signs to know its YOUR pet reincarnated

My name is Heather and I’m a Pet Ambassador of Hope! This is Licker's and Safire's Never Ending Love Story! If you have questions, please join our International Multilingual Animal Reincarnation Group on Facebook.
I hope our story helps heal your heart and gives you Hope!

 I love your work! Your "Alive Again" show on podcasts made me cry and think.

We had a tragedy on 6/7/2011. Our babygirl Licker was shot for no reason, in her own yard, by the gun of a sheriff.  Losing her and the way we lost her tore our world up. She is the sweetest and it was so wrong that this happened to her. Then God blessed us with Safire and she is so Licker but more firey, it is undeniable! (Praise the Lord for miracles that heal hearts!) We are so happy to have her back.
There are some things I don't understand about her now and I was really hoping you could help. One thing is she used to be so close to our other baby Chocolate, always licking him (hence her name) and they would even lay down and eat out of the same bowl. Well now as Safire, she freaks out on Chocolate. If he's even near where she wants to go, or her toy, etc, she "roorooroos" at him (Licker would always roo but not at Chocolate). Only with him not our two other babies. I have also caught her "rooing" at times I can't did a reason, like at the ceiling (with no scorpion on it, cuz she likes to point those or snakes out to us) , the mirror or the end of the room that has a big picture of her. She's been pretty clear on her message that she is Licker, so I don't think it's that.

I really want her to be comfortable now that's she back, but the weirdness between her and Chocolate and the other roorooing that I can't find a cause for have gone on for over a year now.  We also are not sure if calling her Safire was the right choice. I have been calling her Safire Licker lately, because it varies as to what gets her attention. It's kinda like she's doing her own thing this time around, whereas before she listened and reacted quickly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a big part of the awareness shift that is so long overdue in pet loss, God bless you

 Response to Heather: Many newly reincarnated pets will have some different characteristics from the original pet.  As you have noted, a pet back from the Rainbow Bridge will predominately exhibit first incarnation characteristics which is one of the ways you recognize them.  SO don't worry about a little variation.  IF your heart KNOWs its Licker, and all the other signs are there, Enjoy the fact that's she's back home and you have a never ending love story!!!
Ask her what her name is and you'll hear it in your heart!!

Brent Atwater