Maine Coon Cat, Tuxedo Cat & a Poodle Come Back & Reincarnate Multiple Times After Death

My name is Sharon and I’m a Pet Ambassador of Hope! This is Cody now Jerry's Never Ending Love Story!If you would like to ask Sharon questions about reincarantion join our Animal Reincarnation Facebook Group- we're here to answer your heart's questions and help heal your heart!

In January of this year a stray cat appeared in my yard.  We have had 3 stray cats in the neighborhood since I moved here but I had never seen this one before.  I figured it was just someones cat that got out. 

He continued to come around, so one cold, windy, snowy morning I put some food out in the garage for him.  Before I had the food out of the can he was eating it.  When he was done he rubbed all over me showing his gratitude. 

I was sure he must be someones cat since he wasn’t afraid of me.  I opened the door and he followed me inside, ran upstairs to the bathroom and took a nap. A past cat I had (Cody) always loved to sleep there (first sign) .

This cat was very big and gentle just like Cody (second sign). I definatley felt a strong connection to this cat like he’s always been here (sign 3) and he just made himself at home immediately (sign 4). 

I took him to the vet to see if he was microchipped and posted found ads as well as calling local shelters.  No one was looking for him.  He was a matted mess, fur soaked with urine, unneutered.  So if he was someones cat -they didn’t take care of him very well!   He had been very resourceful on his own for some time. 

I volunteer at a rescue group, so after I determined he was officially homeless, I put him into rescue in hopes to find him a home.  He needed to be neutered, wormed, vaccines and shaved.  I continued to foster him. 

One day I got a call about him from a woman that was interested.  I arranged to meet her, she loved him and ended up adopting him. I was sad after he was gone.  That night it hit me and I was in a panic, had a knot in my stomach because I felt I had made a mistake and gave away “my” cat. 

In my heart, I asked “Cody" (his name in his first incarnation) is this really you?  Have you have come back to me in the form of this cat?  Please find a way to come back to me again and I will come and get you and never let you go! 

Ironically the next morning, the phone rang and it was the woman that adopted him.  She said he was mean and hissing and she was afraid of him.  I never saw this behavior from him while he was here.  She asked me to come get him immediately.  I hung up and was practically crying because I knew now that this was really Cody returned to me. 

So I went to pick him up.  When I got there and this woman answered the door she said the strangest thing just happened.  After she hung up the phone with me, Jerry jumped down from where he had been hiding and went to sit in the kitchen window. He was looking outside and was acting very calm like he knew I was coming and was waiting for me. 

Now here’s where the story gets even more interesting:

I had a dog, Juliet, (who would end up passing away that day without warning.)
She was laying around which was nothing out of the ordinary for her, since she was a 14 y/o dog with Cushings disease.  

Juliet had been around Cody her whole  previous life and he loved her. 
As soon as I brought Jerry home, he went and lay right beside Juliet. 
 Jerry  knew what was going to happen and I feel that’s why the circumstances worked out that he needed to get back that day

Cody/Jerry hadTo be with Juliet on what would end up being her last day. 
Now, Everything made sense.

A few months ago when Brent Atwater was doing  live q&a sessions on Facebook, I had posted a question about feeling like Jerry was a cat that has been with me before.  Not only did she tell me yes, but added that Jerry had also been with me as a dog that I had as a child!

This dog was Lance.  A poodle found as a stray (much like Jerry) who loved to wander (also like Jerry).  I feel very blessed that these pets loved me so much that they keep returning and I looking forward to another happy reunion with Juliet someday.

RESPONSE:  Sharon, Thanks for helping readers learn about some of the signs to confirm its your reincarnated pet!
And  for illustrating that your pet will return in the most approrpiate form for each part of their journey with you.
Brent Atwater