Pet Reincarnation- English Springer Spaniel Union Jack Reincarnates 3 times!- RS

My name is Pete and I’m a Pet Ambassador of Hope! This is Union Jack's Never Ending Love Story! If you have more questions, please join our International Multilingual Animal Reincarnation Group on Facebook. I hope our story helps heal your heart and gives you Hope!

Jody Girl Returns as Union Jack  Then Reincarnates a 3rd Time as Little Jack
     In the early 1980s, I used to give the stock market report on the radio. One day in October of 1982 when I turned on the dirt road where the radio station was located, this beautiful liver & white female English Springer spaniel puppy came up to my car and I immediately knew there was something special about her.
     I mentioned this puppy encounter to my brother and he told me he knew the girl who owned the puppy. She was a vet tech who originally planned to breed this pup but had changed her mind and was looking for a good home for her.
       After my brother mentioned that I thought the female Springer pup was special, she decided to give her to me.  When I was bringing my new female Springer pup home “The Girl Is Mine” by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson played on the car radio which brought a smile to my face.   I named her Jody Girl after a girl in the bank.
In August of 1994, after giving me 12 wonderful years, my Jody Girl crossed over. I kept hearing “I Will Remember You” by Amy Grant on the radio. Here are some of the lyrics:
   “Look in my eyes while you’re near
    Tell me what’s happening here
    See that I don’t want to say good-bye
    Our love is frozen in time
     I’ll be your champion and you’ll be mine
     I will remember, I will remember you.”  
It was my Jody’s way of telling me that she didn’t want to say good-bye and was coming back to me.
      I missed my Jody Girl so much that I meditated and contacted the “other side.” I was told “to wait” and the guides would let me know when the time was right for her return. They proceeded to show me a liver & white male Springer Spaniel which surprised me because he was so big and I was looking for a female. They even called him Jack which I thought was too extraordinary.
 At the time, none of this made any sense to me.
     During December of 1994, for three days, I was overwhelmed missing my Jody Girl and was constantly tearing up. On the third day I started to feel better and got back to normal. I wrote everything down in a diary. Looking back, ironically the day the intensity of my pain of losing Jody Girl eased up, was (unbeknownst to me at the time), the day my reincarnate Union Jack had been born - December 19, 1994!
     In January of 1995, I had an overwhelming persistent inner urge to look in the classified ads and, sure enough, there was an ad for English Springer spaniel pups.
I was thrilled because I didn’t know anyone who actually bred quality Springer Spaniels locally. It turned out that I knew Juli the breeder from the early 70s.


   When I showed up to look at the pups, I picked each one up. One of the male pups wagged his tail when I held him, so I knew it must be Jack.
     While sitting around with Juli and her husband, they asked me what I was going to name him.  I told them Jack. The husband happened to mention the British Flag was called the Union Jack and suddenly a light bulb went on in my head.
Finally! The name Jack made sense to me. The Union Jack name brought it all together and it right because he was an
English Springer Spaniel!

When I got in my car to leave Juli’s house after my initial meeting with Union Jack as a pup, the song “After All” came on the radio. It was the Universe’s way, I feel, of letting me know Jody Girl had come back to me as Union Jack. Here are some of the lyrics:
     “Well, here we are again;
       I guess it must be fate.   
       We’ve tried it on our own,
       But deep inside we’ve known 
       We’d be back to set things straight.
       It all comes down to me and you.      
       I guess it’s meant to be,     
       Forever you and me, after all.”

     Then the first day I brought Union Jack home, he ran up to my Jody Girl's bed and just stood in front of it and stared.  A couple months later, I drove by my old house where I had lived with Jody Girl for most of her life and, all of a sudden, Jack got very excited and I thought he was going to jump through the car window.
     That's when I was convinced Jody Girl really had come back to me as Union Jack.  She recognized her old home!!

     Six months before Union Jack’s transition, his legs grew so weak I had to carry him up & down the stairs.
I knew Jack was getting ready to cross over so I would hug and kiss him when I carried him.
In early February of 2008, my beloved Union Jack, after giving me 13 loving and faithful years, crossed over. I was devastated to put it mildly. I still am! Jack was my faithful and loving companion who blessed my life for 13 years. I was listless and so lost without him.
    The other side has always communicated with me by giving me flashes of fluorescent blue at significant times. The “lost in a daydream of blue” lyrics alerted me to the fact that this particular song would have spiritual significance to me.
    So when Union Jack crossed over, and before Little Jack was born, the song from a Volvo commercial kept playing in my head.

The song was “I Adore You” by Melpo Mene with the lyrics:

      “Lost in a daydream of blue
       And I feel so free
       And then it’s like I fall from the sky
       Everything that I see is you
       And you should know that I’m
       Thinking about what you said
       When you held my hand
       Oh I adore you”

     It was also particularly interesting that they gave me this song because during Union Jack’s last days while he would be lying on his bed, I would pet him and hold his front paw telling him to be sure and come back to me. Even the part about “When you held my hand” also made sense. It was Union Jack telling me that he adored me and was coming back to me.   
At one point, before Little Jack was born and after Union Jack had passed, Union Jack’s vibes were so incredibly strong around me that I could feel him. I would even turn around to see if he was there. Of note, Union Jack’s vibes stopped being around me when Little Jack was born, although I did not know he had reincarnated at that time.
      All during March of 2008, I kept hearing Paul McCartney’s song “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time” which I thought was strange for that time of year. Why would I be hearing a Christmas song in March?
     Then one morning towards the end of March, I had the urge to send some e-mails to a few Springer Spaniel breeders. I knew I was taking a shot in the dark but I felt compelled to do it anyhow. It was the same urge I had when I was guided to the classified ad for my Union Jack in the years before.
     On March 31, I received an email from one of the breeders who said I should contact a local breeder named Jeri who just had a new litter born on March 30th

 It turned out the breeder’s kennel name was “Yuletide Springers!” I later learned that my Union Jack’s father and grandfather came from Jeri’s Yuletide Springer bloodline. It was obvious to me that I was being “guided” and that was “why” I kept hearing McCartney’s Christmas song.
    When I pulled out Union Jack’s Certificate of Pedigree, low and behold, all of his Yuletide Springer’s ancestors were listed on it which added further confirmation.
     All this was right in front of me and I never knew it until I was guided to this information. All those events really let me know spiritual guidance is real and the process of how your prayers are answered! Another interesting note about this Yuletide litter, there were 4 male pups. Only one of those pups had the same markings as my previous Union Jack and Jody Girl.
     The other side had really made it easy for me to be guided to the right pup. Because of my incredible spiritual experiences with Union Jack and Jody Girl, I named my new Springer pup Union Jack II and call him Little Jack.
Because he was too young to come home yet, I would go visit Little Jack at Yuletide Springers. I kept hearing “Only Yesterday” by the Carpenters.

Here are some of the lyrics:
“I have found my home here in your arms
     Nowhere else on earth I’d really rather be
     Life waits for us
     Share it with me
     The best is about to be
     So much is left for us to see”
All I could think about was when I was carrying Union Jack in my arms and kissing him. I know the lyric “I have found my home here in your arms” had something to do with Union Jack communicating to me about “the best is yet to be” as new Little Jack.
       On May 27th, when Little Jack was eight weeks old, I brought him home. He immediately started playing with my other dog and was totally unconcerned about his new surroundings. It was like he had always been here!
     For about three days, he did a lot of the same things that Big Jack did right before he passed. I call them carryovers which are really confirmations.
One night approximately six weeks after I brought Little Jack home, he was sleeping on the floor while I was on my computer. I looked down at my new sleeping pup and super imposed over his body was the image of Union Jack sitting up and looking directly at me for a few moments.
     I KNEW that my Union Jack was confirming that he had, indeed, come back to me. This was no hallucination! It was the most vivid heartfelt confirmation I’ve ever experienced. It was as real as my breath. I knew what it was about and was so t
hankful to know that my Union Jack was back with me!
    As you know, the eyes are the window of the soul and sometimes when I glance at Little Jack, it’s like Union Jack is looking back at me. I can see it in his eyes. It sends chills down my spine. When people meet Little Jack for the first time, a lot of them remark how much he looks like Union Jack which I think is a subconscious response because, spiritually speaking, he really is my Union Jack.

I wanted to share my story since a lot of people don’t understand or know what I have experienced. Juli the breeder told me pets are our guardian Angels. I know that to be true.
     I truly believe this loving soul, who came to me as Jody Girl, and then Union Jack and now Little Jack are reincarnations.
     All three of them were/are liver and white English Springer Spaniels and a part of my soul.
                    I call them my Three Angels.

Excerpt from the book "I'm Home! a Dog's Never Ending Love Story" by Brent Atwater