Pet Ambassadors of Hope- Pet Reincarnation Testimonies from the Rainbow Bridge & Back Home!

What is a Pet Ambassador of Hope?
Losing your pet is a soul touching and heartbreak experience beyond compare. It’s understandable and psychologically sound to address and support a person’s emotional distress after pet loss. However, It’s unhealthy to embrace a “mending” attitude that relies only on grief as the sole focus while discouraging or not presenting other alternative viewpoints for a person to consider.

The prevailing pet loss support atmosphere is about “emotionally working through your pain.” It’s more about “recovery” rather than empowering discovery! Animal grief counselors seem to center therapy on how to “get you through.”

Pet Ambassadors of Hope offer uplifting educational materials for you to contemplate and revitalizing personal experiences that invite, encourage and support an individual to question their current perspectives and consider a wider awareness

Pet Ambassadors of Hope™ come is a variety forms. The guardian whose experienced the joy of animal reincarnation and is living with their reincarnated pet is the highest level! This person has lived through all of the stages of their pet’s transition over the Rainbows Bridge, the “am I crazy?” self questioning, the incessant searching for reconnection and then reuniting with their soul pet in perfect timing under Universal “coincidences.”

Along their path to expanded awareness and higher consciousness, most PHAs have experienced personal heartbreak. They have waded through the pressure of unknowing individuals criticizing what their heart and soul believed to be true- that animal death is not the end of love.
One key ingredient of a PHA is a positive approach that views transition over the Rainbow Bridge as the beginning of reuniting with your soul pet and that R I P means Reincarnation IS Possible!

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Brent Atwater