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A side view of my beautiful Starlight.

In early 2011, I read some of Brent's books on reincarnation. I was so touched by them that I contacted her to do a session with Princess. We scheduled an hour long session but wound up speaking on the phone for three hours.

I just took a look at my notes from that session. Here are a few important things that Brent told me : Princess would definitely be back as a female collie. Protecting my spirit and soul is her job. I will get her as a puppy at around three months old. She will be born around Spring time. SHE WILL HAVE A BLACK SPOT ON HER RIGHT SIDE WHERE HER RIB, HIP AND LEG CONNECT. SHE WILL HAVE A BLACK PATCH ABOVE HER TAIL.    AMAZING!

My Starlight Rose is Home Again!
Brent Atwater