Pet loss & The Death Process- How to Watch an Animal's Energy during Transition to Rainbow Bridge and into Animals Afterlife thru Animal Reincarnation- AC

If you see life force energy as I do,  you can follow it before and after the transition process.  First, you will see an animal draw his aura energy inside of his body during the first 24 to 28 hours before death. Then your pet’s aura will begin to have lots of black holes in it.  When the pet’s energy becomes totally black, you know their life force energy has completed transition and detached from its body. 

You will then watch whirling purple energy rotating in an upward counter clock wise direction as their life force essence crosses the death line, a solid black area with no electromagnetic field, before reappearing on the other side as a bright white sparkler light in “all there is.” 
from the Book  

Brent Atwater
 the Animal Medium