A Can a Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Memorial be Harmful?

The Rainbow Bridge poem has evolved to represent a pet loss haven.  It’s the “place to go” for all good pets. Same name sites support pet loss grief forums and message boards.  These online venues encourage posting pet memorials.  Many individuals honor their pet’s love or pay tribute to an animals’s soul. For others their memorials are healing and therapeutic celebrations or a place to feel a fond remembrance.  The mindset and intent of each participant is the key to whether this is a negative or positive practice.

Are you aware that a memorial can potentially focus you only on “the death?”  Some believe that deceased pets come and go as they please and even if their person focuses on the pet’s death, that animal will still evolve.  Others believe a memorial has no influence on the pet’s energy.  For an animal with a reincarantion contract, all previous theories are incorrect.

Contrary to the popularity of this “healing memorial” and “reminder” of the pet who used to be in that body, the grievance practice of placing your pet’s image in a photo at the Rainbow Bridge can be detrimental to a pet’s living energy. If you have mentally decided and continutally think your pet is at the Rainbow Bridge, they will honor your choice until you decide otherwise. Memorial products claiming “I’ll be waiting for you,” perpetuate your pet is never returning.  They infer you have to die before you’re reunited.   If you believe that fact, or focus on that mindset, your pet will honor your choice and stay at the Rainbow Bridge. Then they’ll have to come back in another lifetime to fulfill their reincarnation contract.

It’s imperative to know the Rainbow Bridge is just a stop over on the way back to you.  NOT a place to stay for a pet that is alive and well!

In order for Rainbow Bridge memorials to be a positive expereince, choose to:
open mind to the possibility of a pets return,
celebrate the LIVING bond and connect with their living energy,
acknowledge your pet’s never ending love in whatever form they are inhabiting!

Visit their memorial as the marker for beginning a new life with excitement, anticipation and hope.
That’s GOOD grief!
In my opinion, the very best memorials are ALIVE and well in your heart- forever and ALWAYS!

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believe in their heart their pet is returning!
From the Book "Animal Reincarnation: Everything You Always Wanted to Know!
Brent Atwater
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