Pet Loss Guilt l Do you feel guilty over the Death of your Pet Dog, Cat or Horse? l Coping with Guilt after the loss of a pet

Pet Loss Guilt  & Pet Loss Grief

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     No matter what happened surrounding the transition and death of your pet, everything was exactly as both of you planned for that particular time and exit point!!!  Everything was agreed upon between your souls before it happened.
     You made the right decisions, you did NOT give up on your pet, everything was pre scripted and there was nothing that should, could or would have been changed for the learning opportunities each of your souls chose to experience. 
      Your pet knew and knows he was/ is loved and that you were/are doing the best you could/can do. If the death was “an accident” that scenario was planned too. KNOW that everything is EXACTLY as it should have been for the lessons and learning opportunities you each contracted to experience.
Please Read that all again!!!
     IF you still feel guilt, then examine what you learned from the experience.  Your knowledge is the EXACT education you were supposed to learn from the lessons surrounding your pet’s transition.
     Take your newfound comprehension and realize your soul and life has evolved to a higher level.  Understanding “why” a death occurred or the lessons surrounding their transition is the Gift contained within that traumatic event!!
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Episode 7 - Techniques To Deal With Guilt and Pet Loss
Guilt over the death of a pet can be devastating & is a real issue in pet bereavement. Brent explains soul contracts surrounding death & reincarnation to a pet guardian and Meg teaches techniques to help her move through the guilt & grief of pet loss

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