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Brent Atwater Animal Life After Death & Pet  Reincarnation Expert
Just Plain Love® Books presents

“I’m Home!” a Dog’s Never Ending Love Story

Is your heart struggling with being optimistic after the loss of your pet? Have you questioned if pet reincarnation is real?
If so, this is the book for you! The questions you’ve asked your soul are answered in this book.
If you feel your pet might be returning, this book shares profound and irrefutable true stories that will inspire your hopes and give you strength to believe what your heart knows.

These amazing love filled stories of the enduring love connection between you and your pet and the enrichingtools that teach and enable you to communicate with your beloved animal companion will expand your skills beyond your current awareness and create a greater understanding of energy, God’s Universe and the amazing spiritual connection you share with your pets.

“I’m Home!” presents deeply touching stories about how Friend and other dogs reincarnate to be with their owners multiple times throughout each owner’s life. Each dog’s heartwarming experiences inspire your soul and expand your awareness with poignant journeys of devotion, amazing twists of fate, inexplicable coincidences and incredible joyous reunions that irrefutably prove pet reincarnation is real!

“I’m Home!” is a must-read classic about pet reincarnation and animal communication for all dog and animal lovers!”   The “I’m Home!” book series for dogs, cats and horses are THE animal life after death & Pet Reincarnation books about the never ending bond and spiritual arrangements between you and your pet!”

BELIEVE in what your heart knows,
Hold on to your faith
Love is Never Ending!
Just ask Friend, the dog with a “B” on his Bottom (another animal lover’s gift book about pet loss). Friend’s companion book comforts you after pet loss by proving prayers work, are answered and pet reincarnation is real!

Brent Atwater
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