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comforts, supports and positively changes how you view death which helps with closure and gives you peace of mind.
These pet loss podcasts help heal your heart!
as of 1/2015----100,000 Listeners each month and GROWINGPET LOSS RADIO "Alive Again" show gets 100,000 listeners each month and growing!!!! 
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Join the Animal medium Brent Atwater on Pet Loss TV  new weekly Episodes!

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Host Brent Atwater, the world's authority on Pet Afterlife, Animal Life After Death and Reincarnation has devoted almost 20 years to ongoing research, written 4 books (translated into multiple languages) and has numerous Pet Loss support resources.

Brent’s Gift to see and talk with dead pet Spirits comforts and helps heal the hearts of those suffering pet loss by transforming animal lover’s heartbreak into Hope!

 “Alive Again” answers your heart’s questions about Animal Loss, Animal Souls, After death Communication, Rainbow Bridge and expands your awareness about animal life after death and reincarnation.  
Ms Atwater also empowers you with animal after death communication “how to” techniques that are so compelling they transform the biggest skeptics into believers!  
Listeners learn to connect with their deceased pets during the reincarnation process and welcome them home when they Return from Rainbow Bridge!

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We also have many archived shows on Blogtlk Radio about Pet Loss, Animals afterlife, Pet Soul purposes and Animal Reincarnation

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