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A       Articles about the Reincarnation Process

AC    Animal Communication Techniques & Articles Example: ACT-1

ALDC Animal Life After Death Cards
-  Inspriational quotes or questions
         and information to help you thru the Reincarnation journey.  All are cross
         referenced to the chapters and pages in Ms Atwater's book that more fully
         discusses that specific concept

ASC    Animal Soul Contracts information

B       Books

C       Chinese Translation

E       English Translation

EV     Events
plus date

EVC    Live Q & A  CHAT Room

F        French Translation

G       German Translation

GS      Pet Loss Grief Support

J        Japanese Translation

I         Italian Translation

M        Media Coverage

P        Portuguese Translation

PM      Poems with Language Translation code.  Example: PM- E
           Return from Rainbow Bridge

R        Radio Shows

RS (Breed)    Personal Reincarnation Stories Grouped by Breed 
                     Example: RS-Collie
SP     Spanish Translation posts

V        YT Videos with Subject and Translation code.  Example: V-AC-

W       Reincarnation Wristbands
          My Love is Never Ending,  I'm Coming Back to you!