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ALDC-11 How important is Trust in Pet Reincarnation & Animal Life after Death?

From page 88 of Ms Atwater's Book

Brent Atwater

ACT Animal Communication- Why do different ACs give me conflicting information about Pet Reincarnation and Animal life after death?

From page 103 of Ms Atwater's Book
Each reader/ AC can ONLY get information from the energy channels they are ABLE to access.  Readings vary because you get information from psychics who are connecting to different levels and amounts of your pet’s energy.
Each energy level connection provides ONLY a specific amount of information.  The more levels a reader can connect with, the more details and accurate information you get!

Brent Atwater

ACT Why are some Animal Communicators unable to determine if my Pet is going to Return or Reincarnate?

From page 102 of Ms Atwater's Book:

A person who reads “energy” whether it’s a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, intuitive or animal/ interspecies communicator can only “tune into”  or telepathetically connect with a person’s or animal’s vibrational frequency that they are capable of “receiving.”
     Each communicator or intuitive has a specific vibrational bandwidth range from which they are able to receive and gather information.  If your reader is unable to tune in to 100 AM i.e. Fido’s station, then they do not get the same information as another communicator who CAN tune into your pet’s frequency.
     No reading is less or more important than another.  It’s the same with humans.  Some readers are great, because they “get” your full station and give you a wonderful reading. Others can’t provide a detailed reading because they can’t completely tune into your station’s frequency -like only picking up only a little bit of a radio station.

Brent Atwater

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RS Horse Reincarnation Animal Life After Death

Moses(8yrs old) and Spice(4mos) my dad bought them in 1997. I had a wonderful time with these 2 horses. I could/did ride Moses for hours and go anywhere with her and be safe on her back she was special horse back then to me. We ended up breeding her again in the spring of 98 the vet said she wasn't pregnant. I on other hand thought inner self knew he was wrong.

1998 as a 15yr old girl was horrible.  I lost so much that year between cats and dogs...then selling my Filly. That summer Spice  ( 9 months old) son of Moses decided to jump our barbed wire fencing(bad stuff i have never used it again).  He slashed his knees up pretty good. He could've had plastic surgery if he was young and would have been fine. But Dad said otherwise .

June 18 1998 I lost Spice by the hand of a dead stock man with a gun. I hated my dad for that.  I still do today because it didn't make sense and still doesn't make sense. Then came winter with fighting parents that were seperating.

Decemeber 28 1998 worst day of my life. I walked out to the barn to feed my two mares Tiger and Moses. Tiger greeted me but not Moses.  I couldn't see her.  I walked to her stall only to find a horrific scene.  Moses had prolasped from aborting the foal I knew was in her (something i get know from working with pigs). I was devasted I couldn't understand that if there was an almighty power how could he take such a precious horse from a teenager that needed her.
   Moose  is a 13yr old belgain/halfinger.  I bought her in Feb 2008 and knew I was buying her before iI even met her. Moose is a wonderful partner i couldn't ask for a better companion. It took me to go thru 3 other horses in my life to come upon her. I think it was fate. I read a book about animal life after death in 2011 and started to have thoughts and questions especially after reading about reincarnations. Thinking of her age and timelines to see if it where possible, i have regular contact with a local animal communicator so i called upon her to ask the question "Is Moose a reincarnation of Moses?" It seemed like an eternity waiting for an anwser back from her. But when she talk to Moose she saw Moses' spirit rise and fall within her. She wasn't in the spiritual world for long at all cause Moses past in Dec of 98 and Moose was born in 1999. Moose had a foal with me her name is Bella i have since found her a forever home because we didn't work as a great team.
Last spring it was like something bit me and i had to breed moose again and it had to be right then not a year or so down the road but NOW!! In the back of my mind i was thinking she wanted to bring Spice back so we could be a family again. So i bred her to a handsome boy then i had to wait to find out if she was pregnant then i had to wait another year to meet the bundle of joy. The night of March 28 2013 at 945pm I welcomed the new foal with open arms. I actually got to help Moose with the delivery such an awesome experience.

Spirit my little sweety. I was expecting a colt(boy) to be born if my thoughts and gut feelings were to be true of another reincarnation. I was crushed when my sister looked and said its a filly, i said are you sure? Yes a filly she is but has the mind set of a colt. But my sister said they can come back in the different gender.  But i was second guessing myself cause i didnt believe her on my inner thoughts anymore. How could i get this wrong i thought. So i contacted my communicator again and sent a pic of Spice to her and of Spirit too of course.
And this is what she responded with "Oh Melissa Spice's energy is definately in Spirit. Spice tells me that for what she wanted to do, she requires a better body than the one she had, (stronger is what I feel). This is a very special horse, as you already know, and you have so much to learn from Spirit. I do feel you will be doing a lot of healing work as well (as in energy healing) and he will be a teacher for this but that will come in time as I don't feel that time is here yet"

I can't believe that i have my babies back in my life. And everyone should know it happens but you have to be open to that as well.


RS Austalian Black Cat Reincarnation -3 times is a Charm for Pet Returns!

In 1983, a little black kitten with a small white patch on his chest came into my life, and while he was little in stature, his personality was larger than life. He was not the first, and certainly not the last cat I had in my life.  He had a very deep meow, more like a dog, and when he ran up trees he would ‘bark’.  His name was Fizgig, named from the black cat like creature in the movie, The Dark Crystal.  As he grew up, I realized he was an incredibly intelligent little being.  He would sit on the toilet (no training), bark when he was hungry, chase balls and play fetch and would sleep on my head every night.

On mother’s day 1984 he was run over outside our house running across the road to come home when we pulled in the drive way.  It was soul wrenching bringing his little limp body back to our house and burying him in the garden.  His mate in life ‘Gem’, a black and white tabby,  passed away exactly 2 months to the day after Fizgig died and the vet could not give a diagnosis.  I felt Gem died from a broken heart.

Gem (left) and Fizgig

Fast forward 10 years, 4 ‘human’ children, many furbabies later to New Year’s Eve 1994.  We just arrived back from celebrating and were walking into the front door when I heard the sounds of kittens crying.  We had two desexed cats at that time, Pojke – a gorgeously handsome huge Maine coon and Fizu, a beautiful little Blue Burmese.

I found in the gutter outside of our house, next to our bin, 3 tiny kittens no more than 4 weeks old.  There was no mother kitten in sight and I took them inside.  They were all very sick looking but so beautiful that I could not help but keep them.  The vet gave me a regime of treatments and hand feeding tools and for the next few weeks, hand fed, ‘dunked’ them and medicated them to good health, in the view of finding homes for at least two of them.  One of them was a male black kitten with a tiny white patch on his chest, another male, grey and white tabby and the other a female cream and brown striped tabby with beautiful blue eyes.  

As they grew, the black kitten, named Nellie (after Nelson Mandela being set free) loved climbing up my legs, would sit on the toilet and played ‘chasey’ with balls of paper, just like Fizgig.  And like Fizgig, only ate raw meat, dry biscuits and drank milk.  I fell in love with him and just ‘assumed’ I had a soft spot for black cats – and put his similarities in personality down to ‘black cat syndrome’.    Nellie slept on my head and had a deep meow, and would use his vocals frequently, as if talking to me.  He didn’t bark, but he certainly made his presence known! Fizgig was affectionately called ‘Fiz’ and ‘Fiz De Giggles’ cos he made us laugh!

We ended up keeping all three kittens as they all were special and my children couldn’t let them go. So we had Pojke, Fizu, Nellie, Precious (cream with blue eyes) and Frankie (grey and white tabby).  Frankie disappeared when he was about a year old, while someone was house-sitting – and never returned.  Pojke and Fizu died from old age at 17 and 18 years old.

At age 7, Nellie died from poisoning and Precious became mentally disturbed from the poison and eventually had to be put down.  Finding Nellie dead in our back yard was soul destroying for me and my children as he was such an enormous character.

A few months after Nellie and Precious died,  a friend of my son told him that they had two kittens to find a home for, and was I interested in having a look.  I wasn’t interested at all – particularly when I heard they were both male and black.  But for some reason a week or two later, I decided to go and see if they were still available.  When I walked in and saw the kittens, one full black and one black with a small white patch on his chest, ran up to me, tried to climb up my leg – I decided to take him home.  To this day, he only eats raw meat, dry biscuits and milk – by choice. I thought at the time, I was just trying to ‘replace’ Nellie – thoughts of reincarnation didn’t cross my mind – I put it all down to coincidence.   I named this lovely little man ‘Nepo’ in memory of Nellie and Pojke.  

Within a few months – we all noticed and commented how similar he was to Nellie, he had the bark, chased balls, paper or anything that moved.  He slept (and still does) on my head.  Nowhere else, just on my head.  About a year later, a little grey and white kitten was given to me – and he and Nepo are like mates from an old time.  His name is Pedro and is identical in personality to Gem in every way – almost ‘feminine’, loves the same strange food (tinned mushrooms and sultanas!) and the same tinned food variety that both Gem and Poke preferred. Gem used to bash his nose into my face (gently of course) for a kiss and Pedro does the same thing

It wasn’t until my first dog Joey died and I researched reincarnation for animals that the ‘realisation’ came to me.  I had a long session with Brent Atwater and read her books from cover to cover, to rescue myself from my grief.  After our reading, I was (am still), at peace with life in waiting for Joey to return.  My reading with Brent opened many portals and my thoughts have been interrupted by ‘conversations’ with my animals since then.  What a discovery tour I have been on!!  At first the ‘black cat’ realization hit me, but then – I realized Gem had also come back. My babies were always with me – and I am blessed and grateful.  Two cats have returned to me many times!  Fizgig came back as Nellie, Nellie came back as Nepo. I wonder if Pojke came back as Gem…. But I do know Gem came back as Frankie, Frankie came back as Pedro.

Pedro with my daughter’s kitten, Molly on his head

Nepo and Pedro are my current feline furbabies, aged 11 and 12 – both healthy, happy and adored cats.   This is a lifelong relationship I have had and continue to have.  It’s only when I opened my mind and heart that I knew, I KNOW reincarnation is part of our every day lives.

Nepo – now (May, 2013)

Brent Atwater

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ALDC -19 Canadian Cat- How to Ask Your Pet if They are going to Reincarnate- Animal Life After Death Cards

From page 34 of Ms Atwater's Book:

Brent Atwater

ALDC-17 Bichon Frise Pet Reincarnation- How Will I Know its My Pet Back from Pet Heaven?

Brent Atwater

RS UK Shih Tzu Ziggy Returns from Pet Heaven and Rainbow Bridge 3 Pet Reincarnations !

My first shih tzu was Ziggy, who was black and white, very small, and I had him from a pup.  We were always together and he never liked to be away from me.  He began to have back problems in later life, and had to have an X ray at the vet.  Much as I made a fuss the vet didn`t want me there, gave him an injection to knock Ziggy out then sent me home.  Two hours later when I went to collect him Ziggy was fighting the anasthetic, sitting upright, trying to keep his eyes open, with his dear little head swaying from side to side.  It was only when he was in my arms in the car going home that he finally gave into it and slept for the next 10 hours, knowing I was there with him.  When he went into the vet he was walking, and when he came out he had difficulty doing so, and I believe the he fell off the table in the vets whilst the X ray was being carried out, looking for me.  After that he wasn`t able to go for walks outside the house.  About a year later he experienced heart problems, eventually being taken ill during the night, in a great deal of pain, and I had to make the very hard decision to go to another vet for the last time.  He knew where we were going and didn`t want to go, but he was in so much pain.  I`d rather it was me than him.  I was very upset to lose him as we had been together for over 12 years, and it happened right on my birthday.

My mother arranged for me to go and get another shih tzu puppy that day.  When we got there, there were about six pups of various colours around the room.  Two were at the back with the mum, two in the middle and two at the door, which had a gate to keep them in.  I glanced at the two at the back, then my eyes fell on one in the middle of the room.  His eyes were just like Ziggy`s and in pain, just as he had been some hours earlier.  I commented on that at the time.  He looked at me, rushed over to the gate, put his arms up to me, and it was as if there were no other puppies there.  I took him home and right from the start, he knew things that no puppy could know.

The first night he went to the edge of the bed, asking for a drink from his bowl, which he always did.  He played with his ball as before.  I couldn`t let him out into the garden for the first week as it was pouring with rain.  When I did carry him out there, I put him down and told him to spend a penny, which he did.  He then ran to the middle of the garden, turned left, then right to go to the toilet.  It was where he always went.  You cannot see the spot from the door, he hadn`t been in the garden before as Shadow, and he didn`t sniff to find a spot, as most dogs do.  He knew where he was going. 

 I became more convinced he had come back, and in fact had been with me the whole 7 hours when he laid on the path beside Ziggy`s grave, looking at the spot, as if he knew.  It wasn`t a comfortable spot to lay down in, and not where we usually sat down.

 He looked at himself strangely in the mirror, recognizing that he was a lot smaller than he had been.  He didn`t bark at the other dog in the mirror or try to look behind it as most pups do.  It was like an old head on young shoulders.  In his first life he tried to chew electric cables and shoes, socks, etc.  This time he didn`t.

 After he had had his injections are was able to go for his first walk, I thought I would test this further, so told him where we were going and we let him lead the way.  Imagine my amazement when the first thing he did was to get off the pavement into the gutter to go to the toilet, just as I had taught Ziggy to do.  He led us straight to the place I told him to go, an old disused railway track where we used to walk.  On the way he put his nose down on the tarmac whilch had been laid in places nearly a year before so that wheelchair users could get on and off the pavements.  That wasn`t there the last time he had gone there.  He tried to go through the usual entrance we had used, but that had been blocked up.  I told him to go the other way, which he did, went exactly as far as we used to, then turned around to come home, all the time leading the way. 

We then used to go back via a housing estate which we had passed on the way there.  He went straight to the estate, past about 12 houses and tried to go down the drive of a friend`s house, who we used to visit, but she had since died.  We carried on.  He could have gone right to the end of the estate, but turned left, down a lane and on to the main road, just as we always did.  We crossed the road and he went into the forecourt of some flats where he had two friends, another shih tzu and a lhasa apso.  If that wasn`t proof, I don`t know what is.

The following day I told him we would go to our friend`s shop, and again he led us straight there.  There were 12 shops to choose from, he hadn`t been there as Shadow before, just like the railway track, but he knew the way, and he knew where friends lived or worked.  I just couldn`t believe what was happening, but know he was (is) very strong willed and a little thing like death wasn`t going to stand in the way of us being together.  Not in his book.

When Shadow was just 3 years old he began having heart problems.  I would have moved mountains and did, trying to get the right treatment, insisting it was his heart and not epilepsy.  He hadn`t given up on me and no way was I giving up on him.  Eventually I was able to prove I was right, and two nice lady vets listened and got the treatment he needed.  Hoever, I lost him again just a few months before his 6th birthday.  I was terribly upset but hoped he`d come back again.  He`d done it once.

We got another pup, black and white again just like Ziggy,(Shadow was variegated), and he was 6 months old when I brought him home later that day.  Shadow had had a stroke before he passed, so this time it took a little longer for him to return as I guess he needed some time to recover.  I knew he was back again though when he was back to his old habit of chewing his right foot, and making the fur into a point.  Ziggy and Shadow both did it, and here he was at it again, just like a child who won`t stop sucking his thumb.  None of our other shih tzus did it either - just him.  And he still won`t let me out of his sight.  Soul mates.

C Chaffney


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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Identifying Pet Reincarnation after Pet Loss, Heaven, Rainbow Bridge & Animals Afterlife

From  Ms Atwater's BookAnimal Reincarnation Animal Life After Death Everything You Always Wanted to Know!

Usually it begins like this:
     A. “It’s been weeks since my precious pet crossed to Rainbow Bridge. Not a day goes by that I don't think of her. My life is devastated; I’m not whole without her. In one week, I’ll meet my new fur baby for the very first time. I’m starting to get nervous, anxious, excited but also feel mixed emotions. I want this to be my beloved companion returning to me. There is something very familiar about her and I know she is an old soul.”
     B. “I put a hold on this puppy. (or I know he's coming from that breeder because he had my pet's parents or a specific kennel)... On the way there my past pet’s ‘song' played on the radio - followed by a car that had a registration plate 'WOOF 49' - then on the way back right next to my car was 'Dog Lovers' car .. The signs were GOOD. 
     When I got there, there were two almost identical puppies.  I was inclined to the one that appeared most like my old pet.  I held him, gave him a cuddle, he was beautiful.
     I played with another puppy and then said out loud, no, I think 'he is the one' - pointing to the original puppy.  At that moment the pup in my arms opened his eyes (he is two weeks old), 'talked' then started to lick me... Then I KNEW - the one in my arms was my dog. So I told the owner - No, I like this one - and the little puppy looked up at me and poked out his tongue!  I pick him up in 4 weeks.  Today I feel truly blessed. I am the happiest I have felt in a long long time. Returning home in 4 weeks, hope for my sake, that it's not wishful thinking
     C. “My baby is coming back to me soon.  I’ve had signs. I feel it in my heart.  It’s true according to the reading from my AC.”
     As an Animal Communicator that looks at a pet’s energy patterns while alive, deceased or in the future, the worst scenario is to tell your client their pet is not returning when their heart’s expectation and personal belief is hoping for another outcome. 
     What can go wrong when a pet parent believes that their “baby” is returning and its’ not?  The examples above demonstrate some of the 5 most common errors in mistaking the wrong pet as a reincarnated one.
1.  The AC did not ask your pet for permission to read them so they don’t get 100% access to all the information they need to know.  The AC didn’t have a strong clear connection and was unable to provide specific detailed “only you would know” information.  Although it’s what you want to hear, “He loves you,”  “She misses you,”   “He’s fine at Rainbow Bridge,” “of course he’s coming back,” “he’ll be multicolored” is generic input. Even though it may soothe your emotions at that time, it’s not a genuine connection with your pet.
2.  The Pet Psychic who gives free readings and approaches you with information claiming your pet contacted them and “here’s what your pet wanted you to know.”  Usually the info is exactly what your heart is yearning to hear.  Remember- “free” doesn’t guarantee accuracy. 
     Many vulnerable emotions are hurt by readings from non-professionals and practicing ACs who say what you want to hear when you hired them. They telepathically or psychically get “just enough” correct details that you buy into all their information.  In the long run, this damages the heart of the listener, the integrity of the Animal Communication profession and the validity of reincarnation.


3. The AC who states “He’s at Rainbow Bridge and hasn’t made up his mind yet.” Or “I can tell you at a later reading.” Those words mean that the AC could not access the information you want to know. 
     IF a pet has a soul contract with you that agreement was made BEFORE you came on Earth.  Therefore that information IS available at any time to someone who can connect to the correct frequency.  
     It’s not necessary to have more than one reading about reincarnation with an AC. Any and all information you want to know is in your pet’s energy field whether alive, deceased or reincarnated.  That’s correct, you can read a pet that is alive and know if they are going to reincarnate or not. Additionally whether alive or dead, you can know when, where and what they will look like in future lives!  Just look at their energy and what you see is what you tell your client.

4. The second biggest error.  HOPE and “missing your baby” and willful expectations that “he IS returning” often overrides the truth that your pet is NOT going to come back.  Some people decide when, what litter he will be born into, what she will look like and then proclaim it to be so.  No matter how you justify or cling to the wish that you have a reincarnated pet with all sorts of signs, “my Guides told me so,” “my AC told me so” or other self explained erroneous information, it’s just not so.     
     According to the scientific law of Physics, every living thing has a very specific individual energy pattern that makes up its unique identity.  Look at and examine each animal’s energy identification pattern.  If the deceased or living pet’s ID and the new or future animal’s ID don’t match, then that pet is not reincarnated. Throughout all of time, incarnation after incarnation, your pet’s unique energy ID stays the same!  It’s just that simple.


  5. And last but not least, THE BIGGEST ERROR of all!!! “He feels so familiar and almost looks like my deceased pet, plus I’ve gotten signs while I was looking for him and I hope I’m not wrong.”
     Many people mistake an animal from their deceased pet’s Soul group as their reincarnated pet. The new animal feels very familiar because it has a similar vibrational pattern as the original being. It’s like recognizing 2 sisters or cousins in the same family grouping. You recognize the connection to the original pet’s energy although it is not your beloved companion.
     If you look at each animal’s energy, the two individual energy patterns when overlaid on one another do not match. The original pet’s energy is a square peg and the new pet’s energy looks like a round hole. However, both are in the same puzzle/ family/ Soul group.  When you look at a living or deceased pet’s identification pattern and follow their energy into a future timeframe, if your pet is going to reincarnate, what you see is the exact energy pattern of the original pet replicated into the new reincarnated pet’s body!  A picture is worth a thousand heartbeats.

Ask yourself, are you processing the information available to you truthfully or clinging onto or manufacturing misinformation to satisfy your grief and longings?  Sometimes saying to yourself “I hope I’m not making a mistake” is actually the true answer to your own question.

Whether your pet Returns from Rainbow Bridge or not, either way they have never stopped loving you and have never left your side.

Your pet’s Love is NEVER ending, forever and ALWAYS!

Brent Atwater, Animal Communicator