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M Shirley MacLaine, Brent Atwater & Friend the Dog with a B on His Bottom! Article on Pet Reincarnation-

This Sounds Nuts, But I Believe in Reincarnation for Dogs

Can the essence of your dog reincarnate and return to you during the same lifetime? Stranger things have happened!
| Feb 14th 2013

Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body, which may be human, animal, or spiritual, depending on the moral quality of the previous life's actions. For those of us who have the incredible gift to be able to communicate with animals, we know reincarnation is possible. While many would feel honored (and consider it to be a miracle) to have their beloved dog come back to them again and again during their lifetime in another form, it’s unfortunately not always meant to be.
So, why would an animal’s essence return to the same person during that person’s lifetime? With the reincarnated pets I’ve consulted with, I’ve learned it’s in large part due to the animal not completing his or her purpose for being with that particular person. For example, if an animal experiences a shorter than expected life due to illness or other circumstances, it may not have had the time necessary to complete what it was here to learn, experience, or teach. Thus, the animal makes the decision to come back to the same person in hopes of fulfilling its purpose.
Of course, this opens a broader question -- can animals come back as people or vice versa? You may have heard this referred to as transmigration of souls. If you believe that we all originate from the same universal energy, why wouldn’t it be possible? After all, energy is energy, no matter what form it takes.
Once while I was talking with actress Shirley MacLaine, she told me a story. She was on a flight across the Atlantic and noticed that there was a fly perched on the window beside her. As she rolled up a magazine with the intention of swatting the fly, Prime Minister Nehru of India, who was sitting next to her, said, “Don’t do that. It might be your grandmother.” Shirley told me that when she heard him say that, she paused, thought about it and, of course, did not swat the fly.
A few years ago, I picked up a copy of Shirley’s book, Out on a Leash: Exploring the Nature of Reality and Love, because it’s main focus is on her life with her dog, Terry. If you’ve also read her book, you may recall that she mentions having known the essence of Terry in other lifetimes, including one in Egypt.

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Shirley MacLaine and her dog, Terry

Brent Atwater, the authority in the pet-reincarnation field, has written several books about the subject based on actual case studies. Most notable is her book- ANIMAL REINCARNATION- Animal Life After Death- Everything You Always wanted to know! , The Dog with a “B” on His Bottom!!!, in which she shares the story of her dog, Friend, who has come back to her five times during her lifetime. Brent has spent more than 16 years researching cases of pets who have returned one or more times to the same owners.

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Brent Atwater with her dog, Friend

How would you know with any degree of certainty that the essence of your dog has returned to you? Usually, you’d have a strong intuitive or gut feeling. You may also have an overwhelming sense of familiarity with your dog when you first meet him or when you first bring him home. In other cases, you may notice that your dog exhibits a lot of the same characteristics of your previous dog. Many times, the characteristics between both dogs are so similar that you can’t possibly write it off
as coincidence (and, by the way, I strongly believe that there aren’t ever any coincidences).
In the case of Friend, Brent Atwater’s dog, she said she knows it’s him each time he returns because he always returns with a distinctive “B” marking on his back.

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Brent Atwater’s reincarnated dog, Friend

While reincarnation may continue to be a controversial topic, I think of it as a blessing. I consider it very special when a dog (or any animal) has chosen to return to the same person. Those I’ve worked with who've experienced the reincarnation of their dog feel the same way.
What do you think? Is reincarnation possible with dogs? Do you have any experience with it?

Brent Atwater

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R Animal Communicator Brent Atwater the world's authority in pet reincarnation teaches you how to communicate with your pet on Pet Life Radio. com

"Is my pet Ok?" and "Tell him I love Him!"
Just finished a great show today on "Alive Again" Pet Life Radio .com

Animal Communicator Brent Atwater the world's authority in pet reincarnation teaches you how to communicate with your animal to answer the 2 most asked questions after Pet loss.
 Be sure to listen to the archives to learn more

Brent Atwater

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Pit Bull and Black Laborador is Stolen, Euthanized and Becomes a Animal Reincarnation Story!

If you would like to ask Sanjay questions about reincarantion join our Animal Reincarnation Facebook Group- we're here to answer your heart's questions and help heal your heart!

Cleo's Never Ending Love Story!

ell, I would never have imagined that I would be sitting down, writing the story of my baby girl that passed on June 7, 2012.  She returned on October 30, 2012 in accordance with "divine timing".  The story is one that is hard to believe for the non-believers, but is one that is very real for the believable.  My friends, when I tell you that miracles exist, they do.  No sooner was that evident than with the story of Cleo.

Before I progress any farther in the story, I want to take a moment and thank Brent Atwater for her global groups( Editor's note * After Cleo's return Sanja has become the team leader for the Portuguese and Spanish division). Her dedication to spreading awareness about pet reincarnation helped me to realize that my baby girl was with me.  She also mentioned the purpose of Cleo's incarnation.  So, pull up a cup of coffee, a beer, or whatever you feel and take a deep breath.  The story of Cleo actually started in August 2011.

I was teaching at a college in the area and this adorable black dog caught my attention. 
was told that it was a terrier-lab mix and everyone encouraged me to adopt it.  My HR managers were very supportive and allowed me to have one.  Phil, the maintenance worker, upon seeing her, exclaimed, "'Name her Cleopatra!l"  And boy was she a princess! 
When I brought her home, my two dogs, Tommy and Johnny, were a bit puzzled.  But, they quickly took to her and soon, she was "one of them".  She was playful, adorable, with plenty of naughty habits which included chewing on furniture, chewing cables, chewing pens, pencils, chewing clothing, you name it.  I worked on crating her.  And soon, she was housetrained. 

Soon after, I left the college in terms of being a full-time instructor.  But, as I was leaving, a group of students gave me a book as a gift called "The Lost Dogs".  It was about pitbull abuse and the Michael Vick story.  I was flattered, but had procrastinated on reading it.

In March 2012, I received a message from a previous dog-sitter I had had, who was also a vet-tech student who had inquired, whether or not I had read the book.  She said the other students wanted to know.  I told her I was going to start.

Fast-forward June 2012.  I decided to attend a few conferences and posted an ad on Craig's List for a pet sitter.  The person who responded said he was going to join the military. He seemed clean-cut and I promptly wrote up a multi-week contract and gave him my 3 dogs.  I remember hugging Cleo as I took her to his car.  Tommy and Johnny were brought out by him.  All were on leashes.  I continued my work online and then, later, felt odd as it was one of the only nights I had ever been without my babies.

However, I still needed to give the contract to the dog sitter.  I also wondered how the dogs were doing.  I had decided to stay and skip one of the conferences.  I attended the webinar version of it and decided not to go. 
Then, when I visited the dog-sitter, he denied knowing me (in person) and having my dogs.  His girlfriend defended him.  If you ever wanted to know what it was like to have the world fall in front of your face, that's what it felt like.  I felt like I was floating.  i could not believe what I heard.  I had suspected something was wrong a couple days prior after the excuses for the dog-sitter not wanting to meet. 
He had mentioned that Cleo had had fleas from a walk he had with her in the dog park.  He had mentioned that he was going to take the dogs to the park and was going to take care of them with the dog in his home (which he did not have).  In any case, I had a Father's Day gift for him (since he was a father), a copy of the contract, and a check for the vet bill (which did not end up existing).

Still, containing my anger, I walked down the stairs, called the police, and spent 4 hours filling out paperwork.  That night the dog-sitter was arrested.  The following day, 2 of my 3 dogs were located at shelter 3-5 miles from the sitter's house.  Apparently, he had dumped them on the highway, most likely thinking they would have run to my apartment complex.  Instead, they ran along the highway.  All 3 miraculously were found by a police officer who gave them to a family to hold for the night. 
The next day this lady called the shelter, thinking that since they were the humane society, all the dogs would live.  Rumor had it that Cleo's leg was injured.  She had been limping.  She was euthanized within 72 hours of being in that shelter.  Apparently, she was a Pit-lab mix and the shelter did not hang onto Pit-mixes even though the legislation had changed in Ohio to allow for shelters to openly adopt them out.  Still, the discretion was up to the individual shelters and counties.  And the director told me that they were not set up to adopt out those dogs, even though she was aware of the policy.

I was crushed.  I was in tears and one of the police officers had mentioned a microchipping event.  I took Tommy and Johnny to the event and serendipitously met the family who kept my dogs for the night and the officer who found them in the first place.  This was divinely-led of course!  What a coincidence.  I dropped to my knees and cried as did the officer and the woman who watched the dogs at the officer's request.

That night, I went to the supermarket and I saw a dog that looked like a Pit and below it was a black cat on the cover of the book entitled "Cleo".

Later the next day, as I walked by a family with a dog, who I had never seen before in my subdivision, something interesting happened…  The dog stopped what it was doing and came over to me, very carefully and slowly tilted its head as if to communicate something. 
 I looked at the mother and asked her where she purchased the dog.  I knew automatically that it had to be the same shelter my dogs were held, which was 17 miles from where I lived.  And she replied with the name of the same shelter!  It was a sign!

I searched online for animal reincarnation groups and started pouring myself into the afterlife of pets to see if this was a possibility.  I studied soul contracts and more.

Still, the questions loomed…  Why would God allow something like this to happen?  Was it meant to be? If so, for what purpose?   Didn't the shelter have any compassion?  Why didn't they give her a chance?  How could they judge her for being a pit-mix?  I didn't even know that she was one!

I came across Brent Atwater's Animal Reincarnation group on Facebook.  Everyone was so supportive and the stories of the reincarnated pets were amazing.  I ordered various books. Still, I knew that typically, while many were having their dogs coming back through breeders, I was uncertain as to how Cleo would return and how she would return.  Brent had told me, after looking at Cleo, that she was a God dog.  She was here to serve a larger purpose and Cleo definitely did. 
Cleo's story in the news helped to bring awareness about pitbull abuse, dog-sitter abuse, the importance of microchipping, how shelters needed food, and so much more.  I was able to save lives, I was told, through the support of the TV network and the support of many people, police departments, and agencies.  Cleo' s death was not forgotten. 
There was a very costly lesson learned here.  And during this time, I also sent out bags of dog food, donuts, presents, cards, money and more, giving whatever I could to different people and agencies and thanking them for their support.  I also helped the shelter that kept my dogs and recognized that by housing my dogs, they could not house ones in those same cages.  I did not forget this and I still tried to be grateful.

And then the signs returned…  I had actually gone to a psychic convention where a psychic did a reading and said that Cleo would return in "split form"- both masculine and feminine.  That seemed confusing to me, but I trusted her.  But, I went to Panera's, and then found myself, in September 2012 being nudged to pick up a newspaper.  And I am thinking to myself, "Why?" 
The intuition was strong.  "Pick it up."  And I did.  And here was the sign… Scooby Doo pointed at several dogs and exclaimed, "In time by Halloween!"  I knew what it meant!  Cleo was returning by Halloween!  But, how?  I was going to travel.  There was no way.
Two weeks before I left, I walked by that same newspaper basket and did not see anything.  And then as I dumped by tray and walked back, what do you think I saw?  There was a newspaper clipping with a set of dog eyes saying, "Dogs are family and family deserve…"  There was nothing in that tray and then magically this "sign" had appeared!

Around this time, I had also set up an appointment with a hypnotherapist and tried to make contact with Cleo's spirit.  I also had found out the outcome of the criminal court case against the dog sitter.  The spirit guide said that he would lose but that that was not important.  I found out that Cleo had had a soul contract with the dog-sitter's girlfriend in a past-life and that she came incarnated in this lifetime to protect her, in part.  The girlfriend had left the dog-sitter because of this event.  He had taken the money I had given him, dumped the dogs, and told his girlfriend he was going away for a while.  He was having an affair.  But, I found out that the SPCA would be involved in Cleo's return and that she was coming back.  The hypnotherapist was wonderful and I was also able to see 6 past-lives and the future.

Then, I had received various messages from Cleo via commercials and songs which had "pets" mentioned.  Two of them came from the country artist Josh Turner.  As I was getting ready to travel in October 2012, I heard a Josh Turner song- "South Carolina, Low Country" perfectly cued up on my IPOD as I was getting ready to leave.  And then a voice came, "Remember this song." 
I went to Chicago, saw my family and friends, and then to California and attended two conferences and saw my brother.  October 30th  I received a phone call from a psychic friend who said a black dog had showed up at her door.  She said she was going to turn it away but then a strong, authoritative voice said to her, in her head, "Contact Sanjay.  Now."  She contacted me and I was in disbelief.  And she told me that the lady who brought the dog over was from the SPCA! 

Brent's book taught me to recognize Cleo's signs…  I thought this dog, if it were Cleo, would recognize her name, the names of Tommy and Johnny, her toys, and such.  And she responded, indeed, to her name over other ones!  She turned her head when the names of Tommy and Johnny were called!  But, still, the toy test needed to be performed…  I had the psychic friend send video clips of Cleo performing all of these tasks.  But, the toys and the food… Would she recognize them?  I had to find out.  I asked my psychic friend where she lived…  She replied, "South Carolina."  My jaw dropped.   I had only known her from the online environment and did not know that she was living in that very state.
Ms Atwater points out "if it is meant to be, the universe will find away for your baby to return to you".  So I remembered that.  I looked on Craig's List and saw that, indeed, there was a person who would be able to travel from South Carolina to Ohio 2 times a month.  He said that he could drop Cleo off to me!  But, I did not want to take any chances and so I went to North Carolina, meeting the psychic friend. 
I bore gifts for her and her cousin and could not thank her enough.  And there she was…  Cleo.  Same breed actually and the psychic friend had no idea about the breed of Cleo prior… 

But this one was a Pit-lab mix.  She looked similar but different. 

Cleo came up to me and saw the bowl and immediately put her head in the bowl. 

She saw her special nylon bone that I had saved, and grabbed it. 

She also recognized her leash.  She even ate her old dog food over the other dog food the two brought with!  She seemed to have some level of recognition of all of these things.  But, how would she behave with my two babies?

She had food aggression but she chewed furniture areas that she had chewed in her prior incarnation.  Some habits were identical and some weren't.  As Brent mentioned, somehow, your baby's habits will be improved.  The reincarnated version of Cleo  was quickly dubbed Zena Hope ("Hope" being given to her based on the fact that she returned and could inspire others.  The group enthusiastically embraced Brent's suggestion, just as I had!)
Still, in North Carolina, I started looking at the dog and getting past-life images of Cleo in the form of a brown mutt walking next to a man in a Cherokee outfit.  I saw a brochure shortly after, in the hotel where I was staying at, and on top of it, it said, "Chimney Rock- Your Pet is Welcome'.  Again, I saw it online as I researched it further…  This time, "Your Pet is Welcome was magnified to take over 1/3 of the screen."  I was supposed to take Cleo to that area, apparently, or to recognize that she was at one time, from that area!  I was not able to visit the area with Cleo.  It was not that close but I will do it in the future.  I said a prayer and expressed gratitude.
Zena Hope has been a ray of joy.  Just a magnificent dog.  She picked up where she left off as Cleo.  Granted, I am not certain if she is a braided soul or being led by Cleo from up above, but Cleo's hand is definitely present.  
However Zena Hope is her own person!.  She has set my other two babies straight and has put smiles on everyone's faces, just as Cleo had.  Through this story, I have bonded closely with the group, been appreciative of Brent and her mission, and wanted to heal the hearts of others to let them know that miracles do exist.  I cannot thank everyone enough!  The other people's stories who have expereinced having a pet Return from Rainbow Bridge and even those who have become more compassionate as a result of their losses, have really had a tremendous impact as well on my heart!  So I write my story to help heal YOUR heart!
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