RS Birds: Australian Pet Rose Breasted Galah Cockatoo Returns After Visiting the Rainbow Bridge

My name is Claire and I’m a Pet Ambassador of Hope! This is Charlie's Never Ending Love Story!  
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This is the story of Charlie my pet red breasted Galah cockatoo who has returned from the Rainbow Bridge..

On the 18 th of august 2011 ,I lost my soul mate Charlie.  I felt like the world had come to an end ,my beautiful Charlie was gone .

That night I got on the internet and tried to find a site 
for pets afterlife.   I came across the Animal Reincarnation group above.  It helped me so much with my grief to begin believing he could come back.  That's what kept me going .

I  learned that pets send you signs.  I received many signs from Charlie from day one! He sent songs and met me in dreams.  He would also
talk to me in the state between sleep and waking time.  He was very special and still is.

Time went on , and the it was the anniversary of his death. I was outside and  heard the flapping of wings like a bird taking flight . I looked and couldn't see anything ,yet I felt like he wasn't around.  I kept thinking I can't feel him.

Something that I find interesting though- This new little bird who is with me now would have been about a month old when this happened . 

Anyway, about two months ago Charlie visited me in a dream.  He was outside my backdoor and came out of a green basket.  In the dream he walked up to me and I picked him up ,took him all around the house.  I could feel he was very happy.  I was talking to him but I can't remember what was said.  In my dream he was a baby and I thought (even in my dream ) that's how I'm going to find him.  I showed him his cage and no response he wouldn't go to it.

decided to start looking for him after getting some more signs last week.  I was reading the Animal Reincarnation book and I started to do the prayer and ask for three signs.  I got them all !   One of them was confirmed by one of my friends posting a picture to me saying : "For some reason this reminds me of Charlie "
I decided to check ads, and one ad caught my attention it said : Allowed to wander around the yard and the ad showed a bird sitting in the garden . 
I thought of my dream and decided to check that bird out .
I was there for a while not knowing what to do to confirm this was my Charlie.  Since my grandaughters were with me. 
I  decided to introduce the bird to them.  I said "This is Billie and Charlie " (my grandaughter is also called Charlie ) and that bird gave me a big response with the mention of the name Charlie.

So I took her home.  While in the car,  every time we said Charlie she answered with a chirp!  At home she was very relaxed and at ease, VERY unusual since normally it takes a little time for a bird to adjust to new surroundings.

Not Her!  In the morning I had her on my shoulder and the girls suggested that I sing the song I used to sing to Charlie.
I did!

The song is :"You are my sunshine"and she started to kiss my face!  The girls couldn't believe it.  After that I knew for sure it was Charlie  and I was so glad that my grandaughters were with me and experienced it .

My Charlie is home now!  However he chose to return as a girl this time.
I wish everyone who has lost  a beloved pet a happy reunion
"There is no mistake -the hearts know !!! "