A Pet Freeze Drying and Preservation- Will it Affect Animal Reincarnation?

Here's a ABC New Vidoe on Stuffing Freeze Drying Preservation of Your Pet

A Pet Loss Fan Page reader asked a wonderful question:
"I just stumbled upon your name from an online blog and am wondering where  you stand in the subject of 'pet preservation' through taxidermy or freezedrying. 

If a pet owner lost a very dear and special pet, decides on this after going through the grieving process, is it acceptable or not?  Given the owner has already let go, isn't this just like looking at a photo, or a 3D sculpture, only with authenticity?"

My Response:
Freeze drying was featured on my fan page earlier in the year.
I think if that's what a pet owner wants to do, its your choice.
Choose the memorial most appropriate for your healing.

However, don't limit your pet's living energy to the taxidemist product.
If you focus only on the finished product as "where" your pet is located, then their energy will stay "there" by honoring your free will choice. Until you open your awareness further and acknowledge that your pet is alive and well in "all there is", only then can they complete a reincarantion contract if you have one for this lifetime.
Thank you for your interest in my work, I sincerely appreciate it!

Brent Atwater, Animal Communicator and REincarnation Specialist
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